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Stanley Brothers opened the Nuneaton Colliery and the cottage was used as a weigh office for the mine, with the rear barn and outbuildings used for the colliery blacksmith, pit ponies and carthorses.
I'll have a good week training with Wales, they've got some new device for my knee, it's something for horses, I hope it's for racehorses and not carthorses, and I'll have loads of physio.
If you want the fans to sing and cheer, then don't play like carthorses from the start, we urged.
I READ the article in the ECHO (May 3) about May parades and carthorses.
10pm) Host Michaela Strachan visits the Cape Flats in South Africa to try and help save carthorses from neglect and abuse, while Alfie the rabbit faces the dentist's drill.
And then we realised they were talking banks, not carthorses.
Big strong carthorses I'm talking about, if you're wondering; resplendent in their polished leather and brass, staring with disdain at delicately limbed dressage horses waiting to show off.
There are several fetish websites and fans also use magazines such as Skin Two and Latextra which has a special feature this month on pony play, in which participants pretend to be carthorses.
Other good prices in the section were pounds 3,200 taken for an oil on canvas by Cecil Kennedy of roses (49x39cm) and pounds 4,200 for an oil by Thomas Smythe of carthorses on a track in the snow.
In the World Cup, they were brilliant in beating New Zealand, but carthorses against Australia.
AS a child, one of the delights was being taken for a trip in our pre-war Vauxhall Sixteen motor car which had running boards and a hand-operated window wiper, along the Dock Road in Liverpool to admire the glistening carthorses.
Speaking of luggage, let's meet this year's carthorses.