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A type of single-factor or topical map that is often diagrammatic to show traffic flow, movement of people or goods, or value by area, where areas of the political subdivisions are distorted so that their size is proportional to their monetary value.



a map that shows the average intensity of a phenomenon for individual regions (units) of the territorial division shown on the map.

For example, a cartogram may characterize the average population density or the extent of plowed land (average hectares of arable land per hundred hectares of total land area) according to country, region, or district. To make the map easier to read, each territorial unit is colored or hachured according to the computed intensity of the phenomenon in it, so that the density of the coloring or hachures reflects this intensity.

Cartograms are especially widely used for graphic reproduction of statistical data on population and agriculture. A shortcoming of cartograms is that they do not show differences in the intensity of the phenomena within each territorial unit; this problem is lessened by a further territorial division.

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The population-based cartogram constructed by Michael Gastner and colleagues at the University of Michigan (Figure 2) offers a more accurate representation of the vote.
Dorling himself has invented several ingenious techniques for producing cartograms, but each one has disadvantages.
Subjects grouped star charts with cartograms perhaps because both convey information from a spatial pattern created by the data.
Two additional cartograms dissect the estimated absolute differences from the WHO's '23' threshold, with the first resizing countries based on the absolute number of health workers missing from that minimum number per capita.
In this Cartographic Essay we present a series of cartograms of the insular Caribbean that portray different themes about population, economy and the environment with the aim of presenting a regional "snapshot" of a variety of topics related to such themes.
Some of the information in The World Today could have been effectively presented using cartograms.
All works on the fuel assemblies in the fresh fuel storage facility and the reloading machine in the reactor building central hall were carried out in accordance with the schedule and cartograms developed in the YASTREB software tool, which made it possible to increase the automation level of the FA handling processes and shorten the preparation time.
The SPLC categorises a total of 18 hate ideologies of which nine are displayed above in more detail as cartograms distorting the states by the distribution of the respective hate ideology.
The three smaller cartograms show that the ages at which people died have significant geographical imbalances.
The two smaller cartograms look at these developments over a longer time span, showing the absolute changes in rural population between 1950 and 2050.
It is similar to early forms of cartograms, but does not include the geographical location in its display in order to give the hierarchical structure more prominence.
The cartograms on these pages look at two central issues that contribute significantly to the destruction of marine ecosystems using data from the aforementioned study: marine pollution and destructive fishing.