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1. an electromechanical transducer in the pick-up of a record player, usually either containing a piezoelectric crystal (crystal cartridge) or an electromagnet (magnetic cartridge)
2. a container for magnetic tape that is inserted into a tape deck in audio or video systems. It is about four times the size of a cassette
3. Photog a light-tight film container that enables a camera to be loaded and unloaded in normal light
4. Computing a removable unit in a computer, such as an integrated circuit, containing software
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a bullet (shell), powder (combat) charge, and percussion cap or primer cup, all of which are connected into a single unit by means of a case.

Cartridges are used in the firing of rifles and certain artillery guns. The first cartridges, which appeared in the 17th century, had paper casings, which held the powder charge and bullet. In the 1860’s there appeared complete paper cartridges, which held the powder charge, bullet, and percussion cap inside the case. Paper cartridges were soon replaced by all-metal cartridges. The use of cartridges, particularly metal ones, speeded up the loading and reloading of guns and significantly increased the maximum rate of fire. Present-day cartridges may be classified, depending on the type of weapon, as pistol, rifle, gun, and hunting-rifle cartridges. They may also be classified as combat, auxiliary (blank), and training cartridges.

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(computer science)
A self-contained module that contains disks, magnetic tape, or integrated circuits for storing data.
A cylindrical, waterproof, paper shell filled with high explosive and closed at both ends; used in blasting.
(engineering acoustics)
(graphic arts)
A container designed to hold microforms to be inserted into a reader, a reader-printer, or a retrieval device; when used for roll microfilm, it is a single-core device.
An assemblage of the components required to function a weapon once.
Ammunition for a gun which contains in a unit assembly all components required to function the gun once, and which is loaded into the gun in one operation.
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1. An ornamental tablet often inscribed or decorated, and framed with elaborate scroll-like carving.
2. A modillion of curved form.
3. In Egyptian hieroglyphics and derivatives, a frame around the Pharaoh’s name.
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(1) See phono cartridge and tape cartridge.

(2) A removable storage module for magnetic disks, optical discs, magnetic tape or memory chips. Cartridges typically contain one reel of tape or one disk platter, while cassettes are for tape only and have both a supply and take-up reel. See tape cartridge, magnetic tape, magnetic disk and optical disc.

A Lot of Cartridges
These are most of the tape and disk cartridges and cassettes that were developed starting in the mid-1980s. Except for LTO tapes, all the rest are obsolete. See LTO.

ROM Cartridges
Containing a ROM chip, cartridges such as the yellow one (bottom right) were used to hold games and educational programs. See ROM.
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