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see caravelcaravel
or carvel
, three-masted sailing vessel, generally square-rigged with the aftermast lateen-rigged. It had a roundish hull with a high bow and stern. The term "carvel-built" (see boat) was derived from its method of construction.
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"Setting the new world record was an incredible opportunity for us to share the Carvel experience," said Steve Romaniello, president of Carvel.
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This property as well as several others, all had been part of the "Carvel Corp." Several years ago Tom Carvel sold the Carvel Corporation to "Franchise Store" along with some of the property.
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Carvel notes that this cupcake cake doesn't require cutting.
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Each flavor is made with Carvel's hand dipped ice cream, made fresh daily in all franchise locations.
"Even after 71 years, Carvel is constantly striving to create more variety and offer delicious new products for our loyal customers," said Jennifer Waller, director of public relations for Carvel.
Carvel, currently celebrating its 70 anniversary, reports that it continued its aggressive franchise sales growth during the third quarter of 2004, granting 33 new franchise licenses and opening 28 new locations.
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To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Carvel Corporation will build the world's largest ice cream cake at a celebration in New York City's Union Square Park on May 25th.