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The information gathered during an extensive analysis of the death scene, examination of the infant's medical history, and review of the family case history can greatly supplement the autopsy results and enable the medical professional to properly interpret postmortem findings.
For example, in the first case history step, the student must answer the question, "Why do you need to collect a case history on Doug?" At some points hints are provided to stimulate reasoning, such as, "What kinds of things are in the case history that could be helpful to you?" An information field is provided wherein the student gives the rationale for having a case history.
Equal numbers of each case history were randomly distributed in the packets received by each instructor.
In the introduction to the Case History section, participants were urged to carefully read the case histories and to imagine that each one described a personal friend whom they were concerned about.
The key is to give the least amount of prompting that will keep the participant moving through the task - and to give consistent prompts to everyone, as illustrated in case history #2.
With no direction from the courts, because of the lack of case history, the Metis people believe they are being discriminated against in their inherent right to the resource.
"We were operating on anecdotal evidence and case history. Now the evidence has been gathered by good people in well-designed studies so it's an entirely different situation."
Following a case history review, the examiner should consider any prior assessment results that might assist the examiner in identifying a pattern of client behavior and determine whether the behaviors of concern are in a phase of exacerbation or remission.
The second portion of the kit is an actual case history of a start-up company including the facts behind the company's formation, development of the product line, site location, competition, pricing policies, production and marketing plans, financial analysis and projections and sales forecast data.
With sharp insight, humility and warmth, Hayes presents, compares, and analyzes case history after case history of children and families in crisis.
FAMILY WARS: CLASSIC CONFLICTS IN FAMILY BUSINESS ND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM offers up case history examples from big business--Gallo, Koch Industries, Guinness--to illustrate family succession battles, power struggles, and the common issues that affect family business interactions.