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Argus provides retrospective and real-time analytics for workflow state, case lock, and expedited report submission compliance, to improve the quality and timeliness of safety case processing and reporting.
In the case Lock v British Gas, Mr Lock was a salesperson who was paid in the main on the number of sales he made, not the amount of time it took to achieve the sales, and that constituted almost 60 per cent of his overall salary package.
Even with the padlock I use as backup, if they can get the integral case lock to open they might be able to pry one end of the case open far enough to shake something out.
After decades of lost sales, annoyed consumers and frustrated sales associates, the ubiquitous, stubbornly-old-fashioned retail display case lock has finally met its match with the introduction of InVue's Cabinet Lock and new IR2 Key featuring PowerTouch technology.
Tenders are invited for Document Case Lock And Handle Dc 557 Fc Make: Salo Or Similar White Transparent
The case locks the phone at perfect angles by providing a sturdy rear support.
Hattrick backgammon sets, popular with professional players, are offered with white, blue, red or green leather playing fields, marbleized acrylic playing pieces and gold-plated case locks at www.
The friction of the case locks the chamber (and therefore the barrel) to the case as they both recoil together--as long as the pressure is high enough.
And someday cut it and donate it to one of those organizations that makes wigs for cancer patients, in this case Locks of Love.
It hits the motorists hard and lets the murderers off lightly and in this case locks up a witness while the accused is on bail.
The Armloc II handgun safety system case locks onto any standard bed frame or wall to prevent theft, although it is easily portable.

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