case sensitive

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case sensitive

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case sensitive

Distinguishing lower case from upper case. In a case sensitive language, "abc" is considered different data than "ABC." Windows is not case sensitive, thus, "Abc" is the same as "aBc."

However, the Linux/Unix world is case sensitive, and commands are typically named and spelled lower case (gzip, compress, pack, etc.). In order to reflect their usage, commands are generally documented in lower case, even if they appear as printed book titles and paragraph headers.

Is It a Linux or Windows Web Server?
To tell if a Web server is Linux/Unix or Windows, change the case of some of the letters in the directory or file name in a URL (not the domain name). If the page is retrieved, it is a Windows server. If not, it is Linux or Unix.

Windows Maintains Your Case
Although Windows is not case sensitive, it maintains the case of file and folder names for visual identification. However, the case does not matter when trying to find a file or run a program. For example, you can name your file "MyBudget.doc," and find it with "mybudget.doc."

Programs Often Convert Case
In order to compare data properly, in applications of all kinds on all platforms, it is common to convert user input and the data from the database to the same case before the comparison is performed.
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The command is case sensitive and spelling, spaces and the underscore character are important.
Note that the search is not case sensitive and that the inner brackets are resolved before the outer brackets.
Please remember that your contact ID is alphanumeric and is case sensitive. You can also update your personal details on CIMA Online, as well as paying your subscription.
Only Google can search by file type; therefore, file type searches are pointless with the other engines, Inktomi, which powers the individual HotBot is case sensitive, therefore, a search for "POrtia White", with a mistyped capital O, brings no results from HotBot, but yields hits from Google, Lycos, and AskJeeves, which aren't case sensitive.
With eight characters (each a number or letter, not case sensitive), a publisher, charity, or subscription agency has enough combinations to issue over a million different chits (a million subscriptions)--and yet if an intruder tries to guess, their chance of getting any correct code to use is less than a million to one.
If your new computer system's password field is case sensitive (able to recognize the difference between upper- and lower-case letters in the password blank), consider using a combination of them to throw potential hackers off the track.
The Web site that provides the results of the survey used in this article, along with links to every doctoral program in accounting in the United States, is sponsored by the Southeastern Louisiana University accounting department at the following address: Depts/Accounting/DP/dpa.htm (this address is case sensitive).
Since this URL is case sensitive, the published link won't work.
Search terms are not case sensitive, so you can enter your terms in uppercase, lowercase or a mix of the two.
You may set various search parameters, specifying the scope of the search, whether or not it is case sensitive, how exact a match is desired, and whether the direction of the search should be forward or backward.