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"When the ownership of Collegedale made a decision to see if there was someone out there who might make a good partner, we looked at companies making things like plastic laminate casework, which were complementary products sold by our dealers," he says.
'My understanding is that it is illegal for constituents' names and addresses, supplied to an elected representative for the purpose of casework, to be passed on to a political party for political or elec- toral contact.'
The trainee shall be evaluated by review of all training records generated through this training program, and shall receive a written certificate of competency before performance of independent casework. A suggested format for final competency certification is provided in Chapter 2.
In the next two chapters Tice identifies two major typologies of case reports, contending that these were not two separate genres but rather "two poles of narrative practice that marked the discursive boundaries within which casework occurred" (98).
All committee chairs, as well as the casework coordinator, are nominated by the nominating committee and elected annually by the team's membership.
Peter Tooke, special casework lawyer for West Midlands CPS complex casework unit, said: "These charges relate to allegations that mortgages were obtained fraudulently on a number of properties around the country in 2008 and 2009.
Case Systems' casework is treated with the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology.
of Hawaii at Manoa) has published a number of articles over the last few decades on the importance of empirical studies in social casework, and this volume includes 40 of these papers including his breakthrough 1973 work, "Is casework effective?" Separated by decade, these articles address such issues as the measurement of client problems for improving practices, clinical theories on induced change and new approaches toward substance-abuse disorders.
Inspectors decided CPS North Wales scored strongly in relation to its casework.
General Casework President Steven Johnson is successfully bucking the "supersize" trend when it comes to his 13,000-square-foot shop.
Casework and/or Offender Database Samples (Circle those that apply) 5.