cash crop

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cash crop

any agricultural crop grown for the market rather than for subsistence.

Historically, the increasing importance of production for markets – including such phenomena as PLANTATION agriculture, AGRIBUSINESS, MONOCULTURE – is a central feature of social and economic development with very wide implications, including changes in LAND TENURE and forms of labour. As well as whatever new opportunities production for market brings, it also introduces into previously largely subsistence PEASANT economies new uncertainties and disruptions associated with market forces, where ‘natural’ disasters such as FAMINE from pestilence, flood or drought had formerly posed the main problems.

In the THIRD WORLD, a process of substitution of cash crops for others has been associated with processes of MODERNIZATION or DEPENDENCY and is often under the influence of foreign markets and foreign corporations. However, in Third World countries, with the growth of URBANIZATION, internal markets are often just as important. Whilst in some cases it is possible to see the substitution of some crops for others, e.g. carnations and coffee for maize and beans in Colombia, at other times the same crop may be both a subsistence and a cash crop, e.g. rice in many Asian countries. In this case, the process of movement to cash cropping may involve fewer varieties of crops being grown, having a similar effect of forcing the producer into the market to buy food previously grown for subsistence. See also SUBSISTENCE ECONOMY OR SOCIETY.

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Critique: American Hemp: How Growing Our Newest Cash Crop Can Improve Our Health, Clean Our Environment, and Slow Climate Change extols the virtue of hemp--a plant that, while closely related to marijuana, cannot be used as an intoxicating drug.
Tobacco is major cash crop of KP, said Rizwanullah adding that we will oppose this tax on tobacco at every forum and protect our tobacco growers.
He said that the cotton is a cash crop and it is helping in mitigating financial constraints of the growers.
Ondo State Government has commended the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for approving N200billion facility to farmers of five major cash crops at a single digit interest rate in the state.
As the price of coffee beans falters, this switch from one cash crop to another is expected to play out elsewhere in Africa, including Tanzania.
(GHG) (CSE: GHG) (OTC: GBHPF) (FRANKFURT: GHG) has acquired a 50% equity interest in global media company Cash Crop Today Media, LLC (CCT), focussed on the industrial hemp and cannabis industry, the company said.
Lucrative market price of garlic has also encouraged the farmers to grow the cash crop this winter, the BARI scientist said.
The rains are particulalry most beneficial for wheat, which is major cash crop of the season and a vital source of staple food to tackle with the domestic food requirements as well as for exporting to fetch a reasonable foreign exchange reserves for the country, said Food Security Commissioner in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Gopang.
(2005) highlighted an extension of agricultural land use coupled with replacement of traditional staple food crops by cash crops. More precisely, Hunsdorfer (2015) reveals that in the last 10 years, large cardamom, a cash crop has experienced a decrease in production and productivity, and holds change in land use as one of the reason for it.
Rice is highly valued cash crop and it accounts for 6.7 % in value added in agriculture and 1.6 % in GDP.
People are now shifting to other crops and vegetable after being disheartened by the performance of this cash crop. Cotton commissioner Abdullah estimates that this year, about 15% less cotton was sown compared to last year and 25% less than the target set for the current year.
Cocoa remains Cameroon's most important cash crop. We hold a bullish view on the country's cocoa production as it has ample room for growth and an increasingly stable access to export markets.