cash register

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cash register

a till with a keyboard that operates a mechanism for displaying and adding the amounts of cash received in individual sales

Cash Register


a machine that mechanizes cashbox operations, the handling of monetary receipts, and the tallying of the value of purchases in commercial establishments with multisectional accounts. Cash registers tally the cost of items and sometimes the amount of change as well; they print and give a receipt, print the operations on a control tape, and accumulate the amounts of receipts on tally counters on the basis of departments, cashiers, and item subtotals. In addition, cash registers show the transactions on two-sided indicators; when the readings are removed and the tally counters are cleared, the cash register prints their accumulated sums and the grand total on the receipt and control tapes.

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a) preparing trainees to acquire skills and powers: manual pallet trucks motorized lift mechanical lift; gas cylinder exchange; nature of work in the warehouse for storage programs, cash register, invoicing elements (invoices and bills);
Second aim of the course is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in handling the cash register with payment terminals.
He and his staff still use the cash register, and customers buying fasteners rely on the scale.
Thanks to the integration of our innovative smart terminals with the new generation of RBS cash register systems, merchants take benefits of an optimized card & cash payment solution providing an improved consumer experience through speed of payment offering a simplified reporting on transactions to merchants,” said Luciano Cavazzana, Eastern Europe and Africa Managing Director, Ingenico Group.
The cash register was broken and the suspected thief had stolen the cash.
The thief was then spotted walking towards the Water of Leith, carrying the cash register under his arm.
B, who reportedly reached through an open window and took the money from the cash register, was initially sentenced to four years in prison.
For many of those who complied with the regulation, the price of the cash register, 800-1000 litas on average and, more importantly, the nuisances following its use, proved to be unworthy for petty earnings," Zidanavicius stressed.
of the robbery as the pharmacy's cash register would contain two days of revenue, while the pharmacy would likely be empty of customers.
By using a mobile phone to scan a QR code at the cash register, the customer can authorise that the payment is drawn from their bank account or credit provider.
MILLBURY - A former employee of an Elm Street restaurant will be arraigned Tuesday in Central District Court on 14 counts of larceny over $250 after he was caught on surveillance video stealing more than $20,000 from the restaurant's cash register over a six-week period.