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(käs-sô`nā), the Italian term for chest or coffer, usually a bridal or dower chest, highly ornate and given prominence in the home. Major artists such as Uccello and Botticelli painted cassone panels, and prominent sculptors were also employed to carve elaborate chests. The cassone was usually decorated with mythological or historical episodes. It became one of the first means of bold secular expression in Renaissance art.



a type of wooden chest popular in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its front and side walls were decorated with gilded and red stucco, carvings, and paintings (usually of a secular character). Such eminent artists as Botticelli and Uccello worked on cassoni. In the late 15th century architectural influence in its trimming increased: the sides were often divided into panels with carving and intarsia.


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These richly coloured and highly decorative panel paintings invariably offer appealing secular narratives--it is little wonder that they were so beloved by collectors in the 19th century, which is when most cassone panels were remounted.
When he left the Navy, Cassone began a 10-year experiment with sound waves in his home garage, tweaking the frequency, time and exposure, Soriano said.
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The evening-long performance features new works by Jorma Elo, Alexander Ekman, Gregory Dolbashian and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, created on a group of ABT dancers and Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal's Celine Cassone.
her daughter Kerry (Peden) Cassone and her husband Dominick of Northborough, Mass.
VI), el Ulises dantesco--al que le dedica un capitulo completo, el VII--para culminar este periodo con Boccaccio y el Cassone de Apollonio de Giovanni (cap.
4) In "The Economics of Religious Indulgences," Alberto Cassone and Carla Marchese write that "economic factors may provide important insights into the institutional behavior of the Church," particularly with respect to "the introduction of indulgences into its doctrine during the Middle Ages in order to increase its membership and respond to doctrinal competition.
E ancora, altre situazioni altrettanto grottesche: "[u]n uomo, credendo si tratti di cioccolata, si getta a fauci spalancate su di un cassone, invece pieno di letame.
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Asked to comment on the matter, Vincent Cassone, chairman of the University of Kentucky's biology department, told the Lexington Herald-Leader, "The theory of evolution is the fundamental backbone of all biological research.
but a contemporary woman in an Italian palazzo with her two maids in the background bending over her cassone or bridal chest.
2) I further suggest that cassone narratives both diverge from written sources and converge iconographically to an extent sufficient to warrant their being read as independent entities in the Nachleben of the Aeneid.