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As to burial in underground galleries with recesses to receive the dead bodies, there are or were catacombs in Oria, Venosa, Sardinia, Malta, Noto Vecchio, and Syracuse in Sicily, and especially Rome.
In Paris or in Prague, Prose's characters construct their own emotional catacombs, then remember imperfectly how the walls were built in the first place, or how to break through them in the second.
The sudden death of Louis Reekmans on 29 June 1992 deprived scholarship relating to the Roman Catacombs of one of its masters.
In the first section the reader is introduced to the types of artifacts and images, both ancient and medieval, that were discovered at first by antiquarians and eventually by historians as evidence for the personae and events of the past: types of portraiture like coins, medals and sculpted busts; vehicles of historical narrative, including frescoes, mosaics and manuscript illuminations; and monuments like the Christian frescoes in the catacombs, whose very existence was in itself proof of the reality of that past.
The US Charge d'Affaires, Thomas Goldberger, and the Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El-Anany, and the Alexandria Governor, Abdul Aziz Qansua, announced the completion of a groundwater lowering system at the catacombs of Kom El-Shuqafa, Alexandria.
THESE stunning photographs show that great progress is being made to "Stop The Rot" in the two historic catacombs in Anfield Cemetery.
TWO teenage boys have been rescued after three days underground in the skeleton-lined labyrinth of the catacombs of Paris.
14 at an event celebrating the Pact of the Catacombs, a symbolic agreement made among some 40 global bishops at the end of the Second Vatican Council to live and work for a "church of the poor."
"However, I do still have my membership card from The Catacombs - Johnny Marsden's first nightclub - on what is now Southgate, opposite the tax offices.
Two of my great-great grandparents are in the catacombs at Key Hill, namely Lucy Mason 1865 and Thomas Mason 1866.
The old catacombs at Warstone Lane Cemetery which will also be restored by the council <B