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ABSTRACT: An investigation of the freshwater, anadromous, catadromous, and currently existing and long occurring introduced species that comprise the freshwater fish fauna of New Jersey indicates the occurrence of 86 species in 24 families.
Catadromous refers to any fresh water fish that migrates to the ocean to spawn.
Because of its catadromous nature, the Chinese mitten crab must be in saltwater to reproduce (its eggs will not coalesce in freshwater).
In American Fisheries Society symposium on common strategies in anadromous/ catadromous fishes 1:262-275.
novemaculeata) are catadromous and occur in coastal southeastern Australian drainages between southern Queensland and eastern South Australia (Paxton et al.
Considered to be catadromous, the juvenile fish recruit to lagoons and estuaries following a period of offshore spawning (Blaber, 1987; Ibanez-Aguirre, 1993; Ditty and Shaw, 1996).
Perhaps the most famous example is that of catadromous freshwater eels (Anguilla anguilla and A.