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1. inflammation of a mucous membrane with increased production of mucus, esp affecting the nose and throat in the common cold
2. the mucus so formed



or catarrhal inflammation, an inflammation of the mucous membranes; they become red, swollen, edematous and form and exude a fluid (exudate). The exudate may be transparent (serous catarrh) or admixed with mucus (mucous catarrh) or pus (suppurative catarrh).

Catarrh may be caused by a bacterial or viral infection—for example, catarrh (inflammation) of the upper respiratory tract: bronchitis, laryngitis, and head cold; or it may be caused by pathogenic fungi—for example, colitis. Catarrh of the stomach (obsolete name, gastritis) develops from improper diet, abuse of alcohol, and smoking.

In acute forms of catarrh, the matter exuded by the mucous membranes gradually decreases and full recovery ensues. Delayed treatment may cause an acute form to develop into a chronic inflammation, which may produce severe irreversible changes in the mucous membranes, including attenuation (atrophy) or disorderly proliferation (hypertrophy) with deterioration or complete loss of function of the affected organ. Chronic catarrh is prevented by prompt and comprehensive treatment of the acute forms.


An old term for an inflammation of mucous membranes, particularly of the respiratory tract.
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4 = very severe symptoms) and the corresponding sum score: cough, headache, sputum, sore throat, difficult expectoration, hoarseness, nasal catarrh, feebleness, obstructed nasal breathing, sleeping disorders, sneezing, other symptoms (e.
This year there were important new launches, including Covonia Dry and Tickly Cough Linctus, designed to stop the 'cough signal' being sent to the brain, and Covonia Catarrh Relief, positioned as an aid to quitting smoking.
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Way back then, being bunged-up was all about catarrh - not to be mistaken with guitar (fretted string instrument) or Qatar (charming little country in the middle east) - but these days bunged-up managers are carrying something far more sinister than excess snot.
Helpful for colds, as it dislodges phlegm and catarrh
A clinical examination, including a nasal inspection, revealed a minimal amount of catarrh, but no other evidence of a foreign body.
Among the most notorious carriers were soft drinks, coca wines such as Vin Mariani, and catarrh cures.
It also helps soothe coughs, catarrh, bronchitis, headaches, nerves and insomnia.
While catarrh remained virulent it overshadowed the other disease but both declined in incidence after 1845 to the point where there were only sporadic outbreaks in various regions of the colony, despite endemic infestation south of the Murray.
ng y "Despite blowing my nose furiously and attempting to clear the blocked sinuses and catarrh, I couldn't shake it.
Examples include Echinacea which is said to be an immune enhancing drug; it is also an anti-inflammatory and is effective in the treatment of nasal catarrh.
I want to be told that I have to go to the chemist and get her some Potter's catarrh pastilles RIGHT NOW.