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The Wall Street Journal, which has spoken to people close to the investigation, says the information "paints a picture of a catastrophic failure that quickly overwhelmed the flight crew".
The catastrophic failure of the liberal program opens the way for a new kind of political thinking, and Hazony offers a timely contribution to the debate.
Far from being the will of the people, the disaster of a no-deal Brexit will mean the catastrophic failure of this government, this Tory Party, and of our democracy.
Attunity met their needs for a universal solution supporting their broad platform mix, and enables the reduction of manual labor, accelerates data ingestion to Microsoft Azure, and reduces risk by providing geographic redundancy in the event of a catastrophic failure.
On the other hand, such method of testing is not recommended because biting down on a lithium ion battery may cause catastrophic failure in the battery's inner workings.
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service said the cause was "accidental" adding the blast "is attributed to a catastrophic failure of an internal gas pipe joint".
In a letter to Mr Hughes Coun Mordey said: "I'm very concerned by what can only be classed as a catastrophic failure of the Metro system and I'm seeking urgent assurances from Nexus as to what caused such devastating disruption and what measures they are putting in place to prevent a repeat.
| when the limited service resumed why was it confined to a frequent service covering only Newcastle and Gateshead, and | why aren't some trains kept south of the Tyne to provide or maintain a service in the event of such a catastrophic failure? Nexus said it will speak to councils directly to address concerns over performance issues.
electric grid after a catastrophic failure caused by a cyber attack.
The Protean in-wheel motor for land vehicles is in-effect several motors in one in order to give redundancy - little chance of a catastrophic failure.
"The list goes on and on - a catastrophic failure to assess risk, inadequate training, inadequate supervision, inadequate management.

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