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see mimic thrushmimic thrush,
common name for members of the Mimidae, a family of exclusively American birds, allied to the wrens and thrushes, that includes the mockingbird, the catbird, and the thrashers. Mimic thrushes are most numerous in Mexico.
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This study identified 80 species of trees, shrubs and climbers that produce fleshy fruit (see Mo and Waterhouse 2015), a quarter of which were included in the Green Catbird diet (Table 2).
Catbird's flagship product, Software Defined Security, is loaded on the mesh of a virtualised system.
virtualised environments however, Catbird offers many additional unique
* No, Carol Shea It Ain't So is not in the catbird seat in the 1st C.D.
With the 150th anniversary of the War Between The States, Trethewey will carry the legacy of the written South with her to the catbird seat, choosing to work from January to May 2013 in the Poets Room of the Poetry and Literature Center for the first time since Robert Penn Warren.
Sorry, boss.) But OCLC has the catbird seat in this area.
Administration of pharmacy benefits by the same entity that operates mail-order service puts a pharmacy benefits manager in the catbird seat of having a coordinated electronic record of all prescriptions being taken by any individual patient.
"But tell us, please, what do you stand for that other leaders, of other parties, don't already more credibly represent?" That is why, though Bibi and Likud may have preferred a Livni victory yesterday, they remain firmly in the catbird seat.
Forest Fire were originally discovered by tastemaking blogger Ryan Catbird after he randomly downloaded some of their music on a filesharing site because he liked the band name.
Markley is in the catbird seat in this very funny tale."
Students at Batley School of Art are hosting the exhibition dubbed Catbird Seat at Dewsbury Museum.
Customer relationship marketing/management continues to escalate as the de facto means of maintaining and creating bonds with shoppers, an adjunct role of which is retailers' increasing sophistication in the health-and-wellness domain, where the most aggressive are fully embracing their catbird position as arbiters of wellness information and nutrition management.