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see mimic thrushmimic thrush,
common name for members of the Mimidae, a family of exclusively American birds, allied to the wrens and thrushes, that includes the mockingbird, the catbird, and the thrashers. Mimic thrushes are most numerous in Mexico.
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In his presentation to an elite group of government customers and technology investors, Catbird CTO Michael Berman will provide an overview of the company's product, expertise and recent successes in securing several government virtualization deployments at the U.
By delivering operational visibility into virtualized networks, Catbird enables federal agencies and private enterprises to implement a framework of policy-based controls to meet operational and regulatory goals, demonstrate continuous security and compliance, and reduce time, effort and cost associated with obtaining and maintaining "Authority to Operate" (ATO).
In addition, the Catbird Control Center will integrate monitoring and reporting from the HyTrust appliance, ensuring appropriate security protection and compliance metrics are satisfied to protect the hypervisor and virtual network.
The latest version is available in both the Catbird Enterprise Edition and the new Catbird Essentials Edition.
Berman, a recognized expert on secure computing in virtualized and cloud environments, joined Catbird as CTO October 2006, bringing more than 20 years of experience in system engineering, architecture, design and implementation of secure computing.
And he says `We're sitting in the catbird seat' when he means the Dodgers are in good shape.
Catbird, the pioneer in leading-edge security and compliance for virtual, physical and cloud networks, today announced that its award-winning vSecurity[TM] is certified compatible with the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) standard, giving it double honors: the first and only virtualization security product to achieve CVE([R]) certification and the first and only hybrid Assessment and IDS product to achieve CVE([R]) certification.
Catbird([R]), the pioneer in leading-edge security and compliance solutions for virtual and cloud infrastructure, today announced that Catbird vSecurity ranked amongst the top three vendors in the VirtualizationAdmin.
What has happened in the magnet program is that whites, because they are in such limited supply, are in the catbird seat.
Compliance workflow and reporting is the "money report" of cloud computing, and Catbird delivers," said Edmundo Costa, Catbird COO.
This position is one of Toledo's few catbird seats: He has three good tailbacks, so if one isn't running hard, he sits.
Catbird vCompliance[TM], Catbird vSecurity Cloud Edition[TM] are Cited for Excellence