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1. the intake and expulsion of air during respiration
2. the air inhaled or exhaled during respiration
3. a single respiration or inhalation of air, etc

What does it mean when you dream about breath?

Many people have problems breathing during sleep, even if they do not have full-blown apnea, and this can be reflected in one’s dream life. If not an apnea symptom, holding one’s breath in a dream represent an expression of will, or repressing one’s anxieties or emotions. Breathing is also central to an unusually large number of idioms: “a breath of fresh air,” “a waste of breath,” “take your breath away,” “catch your breath,” “out of breath,” and the like, any one of which could find expression in one’s dreams.

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The break provided a chance to catch breath and ponder the fact that the next goal really was crucial.
"Well the short course is a bit easier!" With barely time to catch breath Fran then heads to Glasgow for the Duel in the Pool, where she is one of 12 British swimmers joining the cream of Europe to Mersey swimming ace heads to Denmark in form as she looks to put disappointments of London behind her in quest for Rio medal take on the USA's best.
Dubai's index eventually ran quite reasonably into profit-taking, while other benchmark bourses, assorted government bonds and especially emerging markets either succumbed to burnout or needed at least to catch breath.
There was barely time to catch breath as Sigurdarson rounded off another fine move which saw Ward, Ebanks-Blake and Sako heavily involved.
I have a recurring mental image of these converts, moved not so much by religious fervour as an overwhelming need to silence this preacher who had barely paused to catch breath for a whole month.
Gnakpa said: "There has been no time to catch breath - I signed my contract on Thursday and flew straight here.
Before many had the chance to catch breath however, a bus was waiting outside their Manhattan Hotel on Tuesday morning to whisk the members to one of the city's best known places of worship.
There was barely time to catch breath before Arsenal stormed up the other end.
There was barely time to catch breath before she and Bayley were legging it to the Asda Living store where she chose toys and clothes for Bayley - including her favourite High School Musical pom poms - a blouse for herself, a lampshade and more bedding.
He also announced that it is necessary to take a break to catch breath before the European parliamentary elections in 2009.
`I'll have the liver, please' LAW AND ORDER (C5, 9.50pm): THERE'S hardly ever any time to catch breath during an episode of Law and Order, such is the pace of the programming - and tonight is no different.
Photo: Stopping to catch breath is a frequent requirement on towering Mount Shasta.