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common name for some members of the Caryophyllaceae, a family of small herbs found chiefly in north temperate zones (especially the Mediterranean area) but with several genera indigenous to south temperate zones and high altitudes of tropical mountains.
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SILENE NOCTIFLORA L.; Night-Flowering Catchfly or Silene; Old-field along RR track; Rare; C = 0; BSUH 18568.
On the moors around Alston, where lead mining has released heavy metals into the soil, plants like spring sandwort and alpine pennycress, which can tolerate toxicity, have become established, while a site near Keswick is the only English location for the alpine catchfly plant.
However,theone that most caught the eye was Edinburgh favourite plant the sticky catchfly.As if you couldn't have guessed.
In Edinburgh, the choice is between the Harebell and the Sticky Catchfly. The Glasgow options are Broom or Broad-leaved Helleborine.
Spalding's Catchfly (Silene spaldingii) A member of the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae), Spalding's catchfly is a long-lived perennial herb with small greenish-white flowers.
round-leaved catchfly) and unusual vertebrates (smooth earth snake, blue grosbeak) have been documented.
Sow seeds of bachelor's button, calendula, California desert bluebell (Phacelia campanularia), California poppy, larkspur, love-in-a-mist, rose campion (Lychnis coronaria), Shirley poppy (Papaver rhoeas), skyrocket (Ipomopsis aggregata), sweet alyssum, and sweet William catchfly (Silene armeria).
He amused guests with some of the flowers' names, which included nipplewort, swine's succory and Spanish catchfly. "I will spare you the Latin names," he added.
Intermingled in the understory are the following frequently encountered vines and herbs: Acmella oppositifolia (oppositeleaf spotfiower), Boehmeria cylindrica (smalispike false nettle), Brunnichia ovata (American buckwheatvine), Justicia ovata (looseflower waterwillow), Leersia lenticularis (catchfly grass), Leersia oryzoides (rice cutgrass), Lycopus rubellus (taperleaf waterhorehound), Mikania scandens (climbing hempvine), Pilea pumila (Canadian clearweed), Pluchea camp horata (cam phor pluchea), Saururus cernuus (lizards tail), Triadenum walteri (greater marsh St.
When the parasitic fungus Ustilago violacea infects a roadside weed called catchfly, casual observers might notice little difference in the plant.
In the Ion er sequences of the 1970s, "From the Rising of the Sun" and "The Separate Notebooks," Milosz ranges further to include reflections on his own ideas by a Greek-style chorus; quotations from odd works like Professor Erazm Majewski's Doctor Catchfly.Fantastic Adventures in the World of Insects ("published for the use of young people in the year 1890") and the nineteenth-century mystical poem "The King Spirit," with commentary; discussion of medieval inventories and registers; etymological speculations; snippets of folk songs; and encounters with intellectual presences from the Apostle Paul to Cdzanne.
(flax, Linaceae), Logfia gallica (daggerleaf cottonrose, Asteraceae), Rumex acetosella (sheep sorrel, Polygonaceae), Silene gallica (small-flower catchfly, Caryophyllaceae) and Trifolium angustifolium (narrow-leaved clover, Fabaceae).