catchment area

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catchment area


drainage basin,

area drained by a stream or other body of water. The limits of a given catchment area are the heights of land—often called drainage divides, or watersheds—separating it from neighboring drainage systems. The amount of water reaching the river, reservoir, or lake from its catchment area depends on the size of the area, the amount of precipitation, and the loss through evaporation (determined by temperature, winds, and other factors and varying with the season) and through absorption by the earth or by vegetation; absorption is greater when the soil or rock is permeable than when it is impermeable. A permeable layer over an impermeable layer may act as a natural reservoir, supplying the river or lake in very dry seasons. The catchment area is one of the primary considerations in the planning of a reservoir for water-supply purposes.
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Catchment area

Surface, typically on a roof, where rainwater is caught and directed into a rainwater harvesting system.
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catchment area

[′kach·mənt ‚er·ē·ə]
The rural-urban outskirts of a particular city.
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catch basin

A reservoir, esp. for catching and retaining surface drainage over a large area, in which sediment may settle.
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catchment area

the area of land bounded by watersheds draining into a river, basin, or reservoir
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"The proposed boundary between the two catchment areas is clear, has the support of most stakeholders and is likely to provide for safe walking routes to school."
Research by price comparison website has revealed thethree Merseyside postcodesthat parents are desperate to move into for school catchment areas.
He hailed the mining company for embarking on infrastructural development in the areas of schools, clinics, and potable drinking water, but said Chirano Kinross was found wanting in the area of employment, scoring 40-50% for employing youth in its catchment areas, a development, he noted, which needs improvement .
Leicestershire County Council bosses say this will improve choice and also provide an opportunity to correct an historic anomaly and align the catchment area closer to the Leicestershire border.
People in general especially those who focus on socio-political and spiritual aspects of the society, are apathetic towards mundane things like afforestation of the catchment areas in a country.
Those families willing to move are prepared to pay a 12 per cent premium for their desired catchment area, equivalent to an extra PS26,800 in the current property market.
Those families willing to move are prepared to pay a 12% premium for their desired catchment area, equivalent to an extra PS26,800 in the current property market.
Miguel Sard, managing director of mortgages, Santander UK, said: "Living within a certain school catchment area is top of the wish list for many families but often these addresses come at a premium.
The precipitation rate in Iran's six main catchment areas has declined by 4 percent in the first 10 months of the current water year.
About 63 percent of high school students who live in the north Eugene catchment area enroll at North Eugene High School; nearly 88 percent of the high school students who live in the south Eugene catchment area attend South Eugene High.
Across the UK a quarter (26%) of parents with children aged four to 18 have either bought or rented a new property in order to secure an address within their favoured school catchment area, research from Santander reveals.
Envelope curves developed by plotting the largest flood peaks versus the catchment area can be used in estimating peak flood discharges.