catchment area

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catchment area


drainage basin,

area drained by a stream or other body of water. The limits of a given catchment area are the heights of land—often called drainage divides, or watersheds—separating it from neighboring drainage systems. The amount of water reaching the river, reservoir, or lake from its catchment area depends on the size of the area, the amount of precipitation, and the loss through evaporation (determined by temperature, winds, and other factors and varying with the season) and through absorption by the earth or by vegetation; absorption is greater when the soil or rock is permeable than when it is impermeable. A permeable layer over an impermeable layer may act as a natural reservoir, supplying the river or lake in very dry seasons. The catchment area is one of the primary considerations in the planning of a reservoir for water-supply purposes.

Catchment area

Surface, typically on a roof, where rainwater is caught and directed into a rainwater harvesting system.

catchment area

[′kach·mənt ‚er·ē·ə]
The rural-urban outskirts of a particular city.

catch basin

A reservoir, esp. for catching and retaining surface drainage over a large area, in which sediment may settle.

catchment area

the area of land bounded by watersheds draining into a river, basin, or reservoir
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47% of the catchment area is under primary impact of Ahtme and Tammiku mines (Fig.
But homes in the catchment areas of good schools are not always more expensive, with property close to Little Leigh Primary in Northwich, Cheshire, ranked 32nd, selling for 29pc less than homes in the surrounding area.
PLAN AHEAD: Act now to get into the best school catchment area
HOUSE prices near Northern Ireland's top schools could rocket by pounds 100,000 if catchment areas are introduced, a top academic warned yesterday.
The Rivers, Targets for Mine Water Outputs, and Hydrological Data of Their Catchments [9, 10] Hydrological data River Purtse Puhajogi + Rannapun- + Vasavere gerja Catchment area 816 352 601 [S.
The council turned Liam and his friend, Iain Muir, away from the school last August, saying they did not live in the catchment area.
In 2009, they embarked on a catchment area by catchment area review of S because of surplus places and the state of the schools.
Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has proposed narrowing the catchment area of Y Pant Comprehensive, Pontypridd, with Bryncelynnog Comprehensive's area widening as a result.
There are 30 families with this problem - which happens because the first child gets a place at a school outside the catchment area but there is no place for the second child who must go to the catchment area school.
The required catchment area was regarded as about 150,000 people twenty years ago.
Paul Kehoe, airport chief executive, claimed Birmingham had the second largest business catchment area of any long-haul airport that specialised in manufacturing.
SCHOOL may be out for the summer, but now is the time to take action if you've set your sights on a certain catchment area for next year's academic intake, say regional property experts.