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Perlman RL, Chalfie M (1977) Catecholamine release from the adrenal medulla.
The present study provides direct evidence that curcumin inhibits lipolysis in adipocytes in response to TNF[alpha] and catecholamine stimulation.
The goal of stimulant medication is to enhance the transmission of catecholamine in the prefrontal cortex, thus improving attention, locomotor hyperactivity and impulse control.
Arterial catecholamine responses during exercise with acute and chronic high-altitude exposure.
If evidence of catecholamine secretion, [alpha] and [beta]-blockade should be commenced preoperatively.
Unlike pPGL, extra-adrenal sPGL and intra-adrenal PHEO typically present with non-specific systemic symptoms related to catecholamine excess.
1 Although these tumours are rare, their detection is of the utmost importance they are potentially lethal owing, firstly, to their ability to secrete catecholamines, often with catastrophic consequences, and, secondly, to their potential to become malignant.
Sophisticated spectral analysis of heart rate variability as a measure of autonomic function showed that lowered catecholamine levels were reflected functionally in a slowing of heart rate, a lower autonomic function, and a lesser degree of epinephrine-induced variability in heart rate after treatment with CPAP, he added.
No differences were observed in catecholamine or cortisol metabolism to explain the decrease in blood pressure in the IY group at 12 weeks.
Catecholamine surge following TBI is associated with infectious morbidity and potentially preventable mortality.
Dehnhard (2007) has shown that changes in urinary catecholamine excretion reflect fluctuations in sympathoadrenal activity in elephants.
Urinary catecholamine quantitation was undertaken by HPLC on an acidified 24 hour urine collection.