cathodic corrosion

galvanic corrosion

An electrochemical action which takes place when dissimilar metals are in contact in the presence of an electrolyte, resulting in corrosion.
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A Cathodic Corrosion Inhibiting System was installed on this tank when new and is currently not o perable.
A molybdate-oxyanion complex acts as an anodic corrosion inhibitor and a cerous ion is added as a cathodic corrosion inhibitor.
8 mm involving active corrosion were unlikely in view of the insulation of the pipe, the effective cathodic corrosion protection, the inspected corrosion coupons that had been buried and exposed to the same conditions as the pipeline to determine the rate, and the sufficient input of cathodic protection current.
Nevertheless, we assumed that one pivotal factor governing the retardation of cathodic corrosion reaction by PAPS coating was
Other services for the repair of the car park are: Installation of a cathodic corrosion protection system (kks system) on water-impermeable floor panels (wu floor panels); Installation of a new ram construction in reinforced concrete, Repair work on wall and support bases, Renovation of the outer staircase, Dismantling of the floor structure and sealing of the freidecks followed by asphalt pavement.
Contract notice: Wholesale market fruit, vegetables and flowers; Reprocessing equipment; Here: cathodic corrosion protection.
This assignment includes the production control at the factory and on site, the testing and monitoring of the steel structure / steel hydraulic engineering, corrosion protection, the cathodic corrosion protection system and the electrical equipment on site in ME-nster / Greven and the manufacturing workshop in Hannover.
Z_2015_099 B-0400 general contractor renovation Parkhaus 4, especially for civil construction with coating work and implementation of cathodic corrosion protection.