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1. The central nave of a church.
2. The church of a monastery.
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Satyre Menippee, or Catholicon Espagnol, was the name given to a pamphlet written in Paris at the time of the Estates-General, convened in 1593 by the "Holy League," which, after the assassination of the last of the Valois kings in 1589, was intent upon selecting a Catholic successor to the throne.
Cuthbert c1450/c1450 8 78 Richard Rolle 1325-1349/c1400 -- 42 The Pricke of Conscience cl350/c1400 -- 72 Catholicon Anglicum c1475/1483 -- 23 The York Plays cl350/cl440 -- 300 Towneley Plays c1400/1450-75 1 209 Thomas Castelford's Chronicle <1327/c1400 20 170 Morte Arthure c1360/c1440 6 57
In Brittany, of course, the tradition of Breton literature would continue to have a long history, perhaps assisted by the publication of Jean Lagadeuc's Catholicon, the first Breton-French lexicon, printed by Jehan Calvez at Treguier in 1499.