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1. a portion of the amniotic sac sometimes covering a child's head at birth
2. a large fold of peritoneum hanging from the stomach across the intestines; the large omentum
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A thin membrane that envelopes the fetus; part of the amnion. Some children are born with it still attached, covering the head. This is often referred to as being "born with the veil." It was, for many hundreds of years, believed to have magical properties, in particular the power to save a person from drowning. This was probably because it, in effect, saved the fetus from drowning in the womb. Consequently, many sailors would seek out a Witch who could sell them a caul as an amulet to carry on their voyages.

Many believe that a person born with a caul also possesses special powers, such as divination and healing. Some even believe that all Witches are born with the caul. The Romans considered the caul an omen of good luck.

In Jewish tradition, the caul protects from storm demons—another reason for sailors' interest in it.

Charles Dickens refers to the caul in David Copperfield when David says, "I was born with a caul, which was advertised for sale, in the newspapers, at the low price of fifteen guineas."

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A sheet of metal or other material that is heated and used to equalize pressure during fabricating plywood, shaping surface veneer, and hot-pressing composite materials.
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A flat sheet of metal or wood used as a protective layer of plywood, particleboard, fiber-board, etc., during the forming, pressing, and shaping operations.
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At the rear of the caul plate, an air inlet (1/4-in.-diameter) port was drilled and connected to a perforated tube (3/16-in.-diameter holes) that distributed the air around the mat.
There are several ( myths associated with en caul births, below are few of them.
Once set, wrap each one in a single layer of the caul fat, and then put back in the fridge for the fat to dry a little.
The presence of death can have its own beauty, and the eponymous poem of The High Caul Cap offers us an image of a time in love with endings.
INGREDIENTS | 1kg diced venison haunch | 400g venison liver | 400g venison heart | 200g belly pork | 200g smoked bacon | 100g fresh breadcrumbs | 2tbsp chopped fresh thyme | 2tbsp chopped fresh parsley | 2tbsp beef extract (Bovril) | Salt & pepper | 300g pig's/lamb's caul | 300g red wine | Approximately 500g good quality beef stock | Butter for frying METHOD Soak the caul in cold water and set aside.
Charles Davey, director of structured debt solutions at the Royal Bank of Scotland, said: "We are pleased to have provided further debt finance alongside Rob Caul's team and WestBridge to effect the strategic acquisition.
For the monkfish loin On work surface, lay caul fat rectangle that is slightly longer than the loin and wide enough to wrap twice around loin Arrange four slightly overlapping pieces prosciutto on top of caul fat.
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