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Use of a device or chemical agent to coagulate or destroy tissue.
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a medical treatment utilizing thermal, chemical, electric, or radiation burns. Cauterization is used to destroy such conditions as small skin tumors, warts, excessive granulations, and tattoos. It can be performed by diathermal coagulation, galvanocautery, chemical substances, or laser radiation. In surgical practice it is used to separate tissue and to stop bleeding (electric scalpel, laser beam). In the treatment of some inflammatory diseases, cauterizing agents in the form of a mustard plaster or ultraviolet radiation (quartz) serve a revulsive and reflex-therapeutic function.


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WKQX were alerted to the existence of If I Were King after Cauterise was played on Radio 1 and XFM in Britain.
'To be honest I'm glad I was at drama school and they sent me to a specialist because if my GP had tried to cauterise it I might have bled to death on the spot.'
The respected American station featured Cauterise on its playlist at the end of May.
The mainstream political parties clearly have a responsibility to act, strongly and quickly, to deal with the individuals who have let down the people who elected them, to seek to cauterise this dreadful period in political history.
Artery - the study of paintings; bacteria - back door of a cafeteria; barium - what doctors do when patients die; bowel - a letter like A, E, I, O or U; cat scan - searching for kitty; cauterise - made eye-contact with her; coma - a punctuation mark; dilate - to live longer; enema - not a friend; fester - quicker; fibula - a small lie; hangnail - coat hook.
Evading the truth then publishing details of his income - not the actual tax returns - will fail to cauterise an entirely self-inflicted wound.
The scene in which Gideon gouges the bullet from his arm with a hunting knife, then heats the blade to cauterise the bleeding hole, should finish off anyone with a weak stomach.
They cauterise grudges better than any management mantras.
Furthermore, her changes disturb the narrative flow, emotionally cauterise the story and reek of (self-) censorship.
When there was no hot oil, to cauterise wounds, he used whatever he could get his hands on, making medical dressings of rose oils and egg yolk.