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Use of a device or chemical agent to coagulate or destroy tissue.



a medical treatment utilizing thermal, chemical, electric, or radiation burns. Cauterization is used to destroy such conditions as small skin tumors, warts, excessive granulations, and tattoos. It can be performed by diathermal coagulation, galvanocautery, chemical substances, or laser radiation. In surgical practice it is used to separate tissue and to stop bleeding (electric scalpel, laser beam). In the treatment of some inflammatory diseases, cauterizing agents in the form of a mustard plaster or ultraviolet radiation (quartz) serve a revulsive and reflex-therapeutic function.


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In a press release, Fila said his idea for the cauterizing system came from his experiences working in operating rooms at Central Washington Hospital, Lake Chelan Community Hospital, and Quincy Community Hospital.
Every few years, we see a report of a case of facial nerve paralysis that occurred because the cauterizing agent, usually silver nitrate, was applied too aggressively at the wrong site.
"Bleeding" a rat means anesthetizing the animal, cutting off the end of its tail, squeezing its blood into a vial, and then cauterizing the wound with a hot glass rod.
"The new device is inserted down a patient's throat and relieves the acid reflux by cauterizing the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus," explains Bob Adam, a vice president at Medefab.
The device is designed to be inserted down a patient's throat, and relieves the acid reflux by cauterizing the sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach.
Some chapters deal with medical ideas, doctrine, and the arsenal of therapies--bleeding, purging, urine tasting, cutting for stone, puncturing the skull, cauterizing wounds--that comprised the early modern repertoire.