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kevel, cavel, cavil

1. A stone mason’s axe with a flat face for knocking off projecting angular points, and a pointed peen for reducing a surface to the desired form; also called a jedding axe.
2. A heavy timber, as a timber bolted between two stanchions.
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Meanwhile, 34 states require five or more instructional hours per day (or no less than 900 hours per year; Cavel, Blank, Toye, & Williams, 2004, p.
Eric Guth often puts himself in danger to get good photos of an ice cavel. Is the benefit to science worth the risk?
Ferguson, according to court records, took part in crimes that included the destruction of the Oakridge Ranger Station in 1996, the Cavel West horsemeat packing plant in Redmond in 1997, the U.S.
But the most memorable character is hideous head teacher Miss Trunchbull, played with gusto by Bertie Cavel - so horrible and yet so humorous that she is a theatrical masterpiece.
But the most memorable character for many is the hideous head teacher Miss Trunchbull, played with Peter Pan gusto by Bertie Cavel. This character is so horrible and yet so humorous that she stands alone as a theatrical masterpiece.
Later Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit and faculty colleague of Judge Easterbrook, perhaps thinking of his former law clerk, Lawrence Lessig, who had left Chicago's law faculty for Harvard's, wryly began his opinion in a case worthy of inclusion in a course on the Law of the Horse with, "[h]orse meat was until recently an accepted part of the American diet--the Harvard Faculty Club served horse-meat steaks until the 1970s." Cavel Int'l, Inc.
Pode haver topologos, especialistas em acustica ou coleopteristas, que dominam o jargao de sua especialidade e conhecem toda a literatura de sua area e suas ramificacoes, porem na maioria das vezes considerarao qualquer outra disciplina como algo que pertence a um colega, que trabalha no mesmo corredor, tres portas adiante, e crerao que qualquer interesse de sua parte pelo tema e uma injustifi cavel violacao de privacidade.
Christian de Cavel for access to his orchard in Mt.
Houstonian Jerry Finch had for years been a leader in local and national fights to shut down Dallas Crown, Fort Worth-based Beltex Corporation and Cavel International of DeKalb, Illinois, the country's three horse slaughterhouses, which together killed 88,000 horses last year.
The agreed method of proof was a "practical public test" carefully designed "to leave no room for mysterious and unknown forces to beat a retreat to that nebulous realm so long their harbour of refuge whenever the arrows of scientific criticism have been shot at them." (103) However, all efforts by modernising diviners to stage such a theatre of reason were frustrated by the refusal of the state, progressive farmers' organisations and individual sceptics to participate, prompting one to gloat: "let sceptics cavel at the cradle." (104) The judgement of a private boring contractor that water divining was, "like religion; if a man believes in it, it is alright," applied equally to the progressives' "faith" in science.
In the second half, Craddock came closest to scoring when his 59th minute goal-bound shot was blocked on the line by Cavel Coo.