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A tumor composed of blood vessels. Also known as capillary angioma.
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a benign tumor of the blood vessels. Hemangiomas generally arise in early childhood from congenital redundant vascular rudiments. Hereditary and hormonal factors also play a part in the formation of hemangiomas, which are found most often in women and children. Hemangiomas of the cutaneous tissues are most common, but they sometimes spread to the underlying organs, passing from the skin to the mucous membrane and impairing the function of organs and tissues. They may also affect muscles and tendons, bone, and internal organs (most frequently the liver). Superficial hemangiomas look like pinkish red or purplish blue strawberry marks. Hemangiomas may ulcerate and bleed. Treatment involves surgery or removal by chemical, thermal, or radiation therapy.

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Cavernous hemangiomas are the most frequent among vascular tumors accounting for 50% of all vascular tumors and 13.5 % of all orbital lesions.19
The frequently utilized term "cavernous hemangioma" is a misnomer referring to a venous malformation.
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Our case was unique because it is the first case of a purely cavernous hemangioma in a child.
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