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a cave, esp when large and formed by underground water, or a large chamber in a cave



a cavity that develops in body organs where there is destruction and death (necrosis) of tissues and subsequent liquefaction of the necrotic masses.

Caverns may be closed, not communicating with the external environment, or open, when contents of the cavern empty to the outside through natural channels. Caverns appear most often at the site of a purulent necrotic process or specific inflammation in the lungs (cavernous tuberculosis), kidneys (an abscess that opens into the renal pelvis), or liver (a suppurative node of Echinococcus that empties into the biliary tract). The presence of a cavern fosters the spread of the pathological process and the development of complications (hemorrhage, perforation).



An underground chamber or series of chambers of indefinite extent carved out by rock springs in limestone.
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The cavernous space is anchored by a huge, glossy bar, where a young crowd nurses all kinds of cocktails, from ruby red cosmopolitans (made with grapefruit juice and cranberry vodka) to chocolate martinis.
He pauses in front of a cavernous space littered with rubble and says it was once full of hardware and old men playing dominoes.
The cavernous space of the Javits Convention Center was filled with people checking out all the booksellers, furniture manufacturers, computer corporations, and T-shirt tables that lined 24 aisles.
Dave and his team there will guide you through the cavernous space, rammed full of amazing, vintage items, at prices to suit the smallest budgets.
I inherited this amazing cavernous space, but people don't like to sit and eat in overpowering environments," Fu says.
Opening the show with a towering Brothers And Sisters, Twin impressed from the off, while Heart And Soul sounded bigger and more anthemic than ever, its massive chorus filling the Hydro's cavernous space.
transformed the former tram depot's cavernous space into a darkened, ersatz forest clearing.
TWO phrases spring to mind when you step through the narrow entrance of a sky blue door leading to the cavernous space deep inside one of Birmingham's lasting Victorian monuments to the city's ingenuity.
The sound management was spot on - not always the case in this cavernous space - and the band themselves were well-drilled and lived up to their self-imposed high standard.
Last week, on the 75th anniversary of that tragic night, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, a cavernous space in the symbolic center of the city, hosted an interfaith commemoration of the violence of that November pogrom convened by the archdiocese of Argentina and the nation's B'nai B'rith.
Inside the cavernous space, there is an indoor beach and massive wave pool that will be illuminated 24 hours a day by an artificial sun and bordered by a horizon projected on a 164-yard-long LED screen.
But the cheery singerturned-radio presenter works the NIA crowd like a seasoned performer, and builds up a great, friendly atmosphere in such a cavernous space.