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a cave, esp when large and formed by underground water, or a large chamber in a cave
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a cavity that develops in body organs where there is destruction and death (necrosis) of tissues and subsequent liquefaction of the necrotic masses.

Caverns may be closed, not communicating with the external environment, or open, when contents of the cavern empty to the outside through natural channels. Caverns appear most often at the site of a purulent necrotic process or specific inflammation in the lungs (cavernous tuberculosis), kidneys (an abscess that opens into the renal pelvis), or liver (a suppurative node of Echinococcus that empties into the biliary tract). The presence of a cavern fosters the spread of the pathological process and the development of complications (hemorrhage, perforation).


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An underground chamber or series of chambers of indefinite extent carved out by rock springs in limestone.
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The lesion was characterized by irregular cavernous spaces and solid cellular areas.
But few people know exactly what Walentas dreamed up for the cavernous space. He won't talk about it.
The cavernous space left in the life of everyone who knew Lyle Olsen will never be filled.
A case in point is Mark Morris' Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes, which premiered at the Met and used its cavernous space to advantage.
He sat downloading the newly collected images in a narrow room overlooking a cavernous space at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.
Ten people filter in and began cheering: Their voices are all but lost in the cavernous space. Then the cheering crowd swells to 100, then 1,000 and eventually 10,000.
The store, located in a cavernous space that was formerly a plastic factory, carries numerous home categories, plus a cafe.
Circus Sarasota raised its tent on Tuttle Avenue for a fundraising gala that celebrated the art of the circus--and gave event coordinators Ron Carter and Janet Hunter one of their greatest design triumphs ever: turning a cavernous space into a festive party setting.
The cavernous space sponsored by United Airlines is decked out in cafe-style seating, and offers bar and food service, big-screen TV action and a climate-controlled atmosphere.
This cavernous space cater-corner to SFMOMA has become a hugely popular hangout for hipsters and foodies alike.
He pauses in front of a cavernous space littered with rubble and says it was once full of hardware and old men playing dominoes.