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a cave, esp when large and formed by underground water, or a large chamber in a cave



a cavity that develops in body organs where there is destruction and death (necrosis) of tissues and subsequent liquefaction of the necrotic masses.

Caverns may be closed, not communicating with the external environment, or open, when contents of the cavern empty to the outside through natural channels. Caverns appear most often at the site of a purulent necrotic process or specific inflammation in the lungs (cavernous tuberculosis), kidneys (an abscess that opens into the renal pelvis), or liver (a suppurative node of Echinococcus that empties into the biliary tract). The presence of a cavern fosters the spread of the pathological process and the development of complications (hemorrhage, perforation).



An underground chamber or series of chambers of indefinite extent carved out by rock springs in limestone.
References in classic literature ?
It must be as you please, monseigneur," replied the skipper Yves, respectfully; "but I don't believe that by the slope of the cavern, and in the dark in which we shall be obliged to maneuver our boat, the road will be so convenient as the open air.
The barkings which had been heard, which had stopped the three fishermen engaged in moving the boat, and had brought Aramis and Porthos out of the cavern, now seemed to come from a deep gorge within about a league of the grotto.
They re-entered, but had scarcely proceeded a hundred steps in the darkness, when a noise like the hoarse sigh of a creature in distress resounded through the cavern, and breathless, rapid, terrified, a fox passed like a flash of lightning before the fugitives, leaped over the boat and disappeared, leaving behind its sour scent, which was perceptible for several seconds under the low vaults of the cave.
The hounds at the same moment rushed into the grotto like an avalanche, and the depths of the cavern were filled with their deafening cries.
We put all the other things handy at the back of the cavern.
This same Belt had once enabled Roquat the Red to carry out many wicked plans; but that was before Ozma and her people marched to the underground cavern and captured it.
Veer off Highway 49 and you can go antiquing; visit vineyards, caverns and mines; or take advantage of the hiking, biking, white-water rafting or kayaking opportunities that abound in the area's dozens of national and state parks.
A direct interconnect with Transco pipeline is also under construction to support caverns four and five and will open up the Bay Gas Storage facility to serve Mid-Atlantic and Northeast markets.
The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has selected Atkins to deliver a new project which will examine in further detail the potential for storing hydrogen and hydrogen gas mixtures underground in salt caverns which can then be used in gas turbines when demand for electricity is high.
ZIP World Caverns - a unique subterranean adventure playground - is set to bring another world first to North Wales this month.
SGRM), has begun commercial service from the first of three new natural gas storage caverns at the Southern Pines Energy Center located in Greene County, MS.
HOUSTON -- Bobcat Gas Storage (Bobcat) announced today the start of an open season for unratcheted, firm storage service in both Caverns 1 and 2 at its natural gas storage facility currently under construction in St.