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kevel, cavel, cavil

1. A stone mason’s axe with a flat face for knocking off projecting angular points, and a pointed peen for reducing a surface to the desired form; also called a jedding axe.
2. A heavy timber, as a timber bolted between two stanchions.
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It is beyond cavil that EJK involving the death of thousands - mass murder, in effect - is punishable under the penal laws of every civilized society.
We are all free to cavil over the actual choice of an alternative destination, but no one can deny the inalienable entitlement to such action, especially where provoked by disillusionment and a sense of impotence under existing association.
The supplement was greeted with a broadside of commendation and a fusillade of cavil, and has since become recognized as the most useful brief survey of the contemporary state of the American writing arts and of their fellow travelers, the spoken word, the typescript word, the filmed and televised word, and the publishing memorandum.
Also starring in this instalment is Henry Cavil and Rebecca Ferguson.
Cavil, an assistant professor of health and kinesiology at Texas Southern University, one of the 24 Division I HBCUs, calls for more diversity and representation from HBCUs on the committees making the highimpact decisions at the NCAA.
In the video, you can see an intriguing combination of Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavil as Superman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman standing side-by-side against a fiery background, plus a surprise appearance of Doomsday (who "kills" Superman in the comics) with blazing laser eyes.
Other names in the frame include Henry Cavil, Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale, with even David Beckham in with a chance at 250/1.
It may seem harsh to cavil when the results are so strong, but even the highestachieving candidates must be assured of the marks they deserve.
One cavil: There are some mushy love scenes which slow down the narrative and can be skipped.
This increase, however, must have resulted in total sales that are at least equal to or greater than the 2011 sales total (Thousands of 9-liter cases) Brand Supplier 2011 2012 2013 (p) Cavil Palm Bay 3,524 3,485 3,555 International Gekkeikan Sidney Frank 438 436 450 Sake Importing Brazin DFV Wines 31 30 34 Brand '12/'13% Change Cavil 2.0% Gekkeikan 3.2% Sake Brazin 13.3% (p) Preliminary Source: The Beverage Information Group Handbooks & Directories.
One cavil before my final plaudit: surely the rather basic programme-booklet could have run to giving us the poets of the songs.