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kevel, cavel, cavil

1. A stone mason’s axe with a flat face for knocking off projecting angular points, and a pointed peen for reducing a surface to the desired form; also called a jedding axe.
2. A heavy timber, as a timber bolted between two stanchions.
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(6.) William Henry Green, The Pentateuch Vindicated from the Aspersions of Bishop Colenso (New York: John Wiley, 1863), 69 (childish), 15 (arithmetic), 11 (superficial), 32 (caviller), 193 (brain), 194 (incapacity), 24 (astronomical error), 29 (confession), 33 (punctilious), 104 (dishonest), 111 (absurd), 174 (clumsy), 137 (pedantry), 161 (misrepresentation), 193 (sophisms), 194 (epithets).
In Dent's Plaine Mans Path-way, for instance, they are Asunetus, `an ignorant man', and Antilegon, `a caviller', who talk with Theologus.
A 16 year-old girl was taken to North Staffordshire Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent, by air ambulance after she was thrown from the Vauxhall Caviller when it left Pye Green Road, Cannock.
It's also no secret that the fiercest of these cavillers come from sections of the Scottish press media who have in the past been given short shrift, often publicly, by the man from Kilrea.