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kevel, cavel, cavil

1. A stone mason’s axe with a flat face for knocking off projecting angular points, and a pointed peen for reducing a surface to the desired form; also called a jedding axe.
2. A heavy timber, as a timber bolted between two stanchions.
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The lad was too thirsty by now to cavil at anything even remotely resembling water, so he drank his fill while Akut stood with raised head, alert for any danger.
Anne, far from wishing to cavil at the pleasure, replied, "I can easily believe it.
It is ironic that while he frowns on "technicalities," he cavils over the TROs service as not being in accord with the Rules of Court.
As a touring production this Herring had many virtues in terms of its versatile settings - such as designer Adam Wiltshire's perfectly-clipped trees having their foliage lifted off to reveal well-piled pyramids of greengrocery fruit (though his costume-designs seemed inconsistent in period), and Declan Randall's sensitive lighting - but Michael Barker-Caven's direction invited some cavils.
And, of course, there were the usual cavils of preferential treatment or permitted housing queue-jumping "for certain groups".
leadership, everyone else quarrels, frets and cavils, and we get a concoction like a ''political steering committee'' to run orders of battle.
But these cavils aside, Baker's welcome account throws a strong light on an American witchcraft episode that has not hitherto received the attention it clearly deserves.
I find the cavils of selfappointed committees for the suppression of curiosity very tedious," he wrote.
But these are minor cavils about a delightful, absorbing and varied book.