Cavity wall

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cavity wall

[′kav·əd·ē ‚wȯl]
(building construction)
A wall constructed in two separate thicknesses with an air space between; provides thermal insulation. Also known as hollow wall.

Cavity wall

1. A wall assembly constructed of two wythes of masonry bonded with wall ties and separated by an air cavity, which is sometimes filled with insulation.
2. An exterior wall, usually of masonry, consisting of an outer course and an inner course separated by a continuous air space connected by metal ties.
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cavity wall, hollow masonry wall, hollow wall

cavity wall
An exterior wall, usually of masonry, consisting of an outer and inner withe separated by a continuous air space, but connected together by wire or sheet-metal ties. The dead air space provides improved thermal insulation.
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It has set up the North-East Home Insulation Partnership, with grants for cavity wall insulation cutting costs to about pounds 260 for a typical house.
Cavity walls that are not filled account for more than a third of heat lost from homes.
Using a professional installer, cavity wall insulation usually costs less than pounds 500, but you can expect to recoup this cost in about three years.
The average cost of cavity wall insulation is around pounds 300, an investment recovered in approximately three years after installation.
SAVE IT: Cavity wall insulationis vitally important as a tool for keeping your house warm and your energy bills down
For example, the illustration shows how a cavity normally fills with the hotter, high-shear melt (red) along the cavity walls and cooler, more viscous melt (blue) in the center (A).
Available in two housing sizes for tungsten halogen lamps, metal halide lamps or compact fluorescent lamps, the shallow recess depths of 80 and 96mm respectively enable problem-free installation in all usual cavity walls and interior design constructions.
If the device warms a little, the cavity walls emit a few microwave photons.
External Wall Insulation for Cavity Walls; (relating to EWI installed to standard cavity walls rather than hard to treat cavity walls);11.
If your cavity walls aren't already insulated you could be wasting money on your energy bills.