Cavity wall

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cavity wall

[′kav·əd·ē ‚wȯl]
(building construction)
A wall constructed in two separate thicknesses with an air space between; provides thermal insulation. Also known as hollow wall.
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Cavity wall

1. A wall assembly constructed of two wythes of masonry bonded with wall ties and separated by an air cavity, which is sometimes filled with insulation.
2. An exterior wall, usually of masonry, consisting of an outer course and an inner course separated by a continuous air space connected by metal ties.
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cavity wall, hollow masonry wall, hollow wall

cavity wall
An exterior wall, usually of masonry, consisting of an outer and inner withe separated by a continuous air space, but connected together by wire or sheet-metal ties. The dead air space provides improved thermal insulation.
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The EST says cavity wall insulation can cost between PS330-PS720 to install, depending on the type of house, and savings on heating bills can be anything from PS65 a year for a flat to PS250 a year for a detached house.
Then, we got Vitruvius and the cavity wall. ([section]) This was revolutionary.
2 INSTALLING cavity wall insulation isn't a DIY job - it must be done by a registered installer.
Get help from the providers Scottish Gas stands ready to provide free loft and cavity wall insulation to qualifying Sunday Mail readers who call them on 0800 975 1456.
Pattern of failures: The commonest failure was the fracture of cavity walls and the most common place for the fracture line was below the CEJ (Fig 4).
As a result, the workforce includes Green Deal advisers, domestic energy assessors, hard-to-treat cavity wall installers, loft installers, electricians, gas safety fitters, joiners and plasterers.
LICHFIELD District Council is urging householders to take up a limited free loft and cavity wall insulation offer.
You reported that half of the engineers surveyed had replaced their loft or cavity wall insulation in the past five years, and more in the past 10 years (Survey, PE November).
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