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The JTF-CS will control military resources supporting the lead federal agencies in responding to a domestic terrorist incident involving CBW.
According to western CBW experts who examined Mursi's operation he appeared to be experimenting rather than actually producing weapons-grade stocks, and the presumption is that he has continued his efforts elsewhere.
The expectation that an asymmetric CBW will be used as the preferred weapon of attack is even more clearly applicable to the Army Transformation Strategy.
For months, many foreign governments nervously followed Basson's trial from afar as it threatened to expose the network and the maze of deeply embarrassing and shady deals between South Africa's CBW programme and the intelligence services of a host of nations, including America, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, East Germany, Croatia, Libya, China, Israel, Pakistan, Ieaq, Iran, Taiwan and others.
Is the difference, a cynic might wonder, that 8,000 US troops in Bosnia would be at risk if the West took out the Serb CBW arsenals at Baric, Lucani and Krusevac, whereas, there are no US ground forces to be threatened in Iraq?
CBW box office on 01642 722192 or the Forum on 01609 776230 for more information.
s CBW was being operated to store raw materials used to produce cigarettes for export.
It had begun working on CBW in December 2003 when fighters of Jaish-vMohammed (Mohammed's Army, largely made up of Saddam's intelligence and military personnel) based in Fallujah recruited "an inexperienced Baghdad chemist" to help them produce tabun, a lethal nerve agent.
The original JIC assessment dated September 5, shown to the inquiry, noted, 'Iraq has probably dispersed its special weapons, including its CBW (chemical-biological warfare) weapons.
The CBW had originally set next summer as the date to combine the leagues.
Kennedy said another matter of importance to him was the question of human experimentation, as he was seeking information about the CBW programme and alleged abuses.
The notching of the senior secured debt above the senior unsecured debt is indicative of the anticipated recovery by the senior secured debt holders and their first-priority claim on the economic interests of CBT and CBW.