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By using Verastream to generate a Web self-service application, CBW has expanded its customer base using this new system to more than 80 stores.
As CBW is unable to make further investment in wireless business, this sale will be beneficial for the Cincinatti users, as they will be shifted to Verizon Wireless.
9% in the CBW partnership that had been owned by Cingular Wireless LLC (Cingular), for approximately $83 million and financed the transaction by borrowing on its revolving credit facility.
CBW expects over 25,000 such fans to go hog wild over an action-packed line-up of activities all taking place at the Fairplex except for Love Ride, which convoys from Glendale to Pomona on Sunday morning.
General admission tickets for the LOVE RIDE CONCERT and tickets for CBW EVENTS can be purchased through Ticketmaster (http://www.
For the past 17 years, Michigan-based CBW has been building and servicing computers and networks for personal and business use.
Pria's platform is small enough to be carried in the pocket or pack of soldiers in the field for real-time CBW screening of anthrax, cholera or smallpox.
Furthermore, our longstanding relationship with CBW and the renewal of their prepaid wireless contract further validates the strength of our competitive position and technological capabilities.
Duelfer said Jaish Al Mohammed had begun working on CBW in December 2003 in Fallujah, a city that became an insurgent stronghold, when it recruited "an inexperienced Baghdad chemist" to help them produce tabun, a lethal nerve agent.
Although a Federal statute permits the president to authorize open-air testing of CBW agents, Boyle said this "does not solve the compliance problem that it might violate the international Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention as well as their related domestic implementing legislation making such violations crimes.