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Tumors of the terminal ileum, cecum, and ascending colon represent possible causes of progressive intestinal intussusception.
Laparoscopic cecopexy for mobile cecum syndrome manifesting as cecal volvulus: report of a case.
Researchers obtained cecum and sigmoid mucosal lavage samples for analysis; they used 16S sequencing to determine the microbiota and the Greengenes database to determine operational taxonomic units, in addition to other tests.
Wesch G, Ehrlich G, Storz LW, Wiest W: Two cases of perforation of the cecum following caesarean section.
We found that right-sided SSA/P and more advanced lesions were concentrated in the cecum and ascending colon, with the distribution in the transverse colon matching the low rate in the distal colon.
Thus, patient was evaluated with contrast-enhanced computer tomography (CECT) abdomen, which showed grossly dilated cecum with closed-loop obstruction [Figures 2 and 3].
Upon exploratory laparotomy, a proximally thickened appendix with invasion of the cecum and scattered enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes were identified.
Keywords: Extreme heat stress; Immnuoglobulin; Lymphoid organ, Cecum microflora
The microbes in the cecum are very sensitive to the types and amounts of feed that are available at any given time.
CT image with IV contrast shows gaseous distended cecum anterior to collapsed stomach containing a feeding tube (residual oral contrast after multiple emesis) (Figure 4).
The cecum, a sac-like part of the intestine where food is digested, accounts for roughly 16 per cent of the entire gut but can become clogged due to having only one opening where food goes in and out.