ceiling hanger

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hanger, 2
hanger, 1
1. A wire, strap, or rod attached to an overhead structure, used to support a pipe, conduit, the framework of a suspended ceiling, or the like.
2. A U-shaped, stirrup-like bracket used to support the end of a beam or joist at a masonry
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Subject to procurement and supply of full-service fluoroscopic and radiographic walls skiagraphic stationary devices, including ceiling hanger and vertigrafu.
The Massachusetts Convention Authority hired Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, at a cost of $300,000, to inspect the deteriorating tiles; place 42 new ceiling hangers and determine if the tiles can be removed without replacing them.
This included a different batch of posters each week, tags, signs, talkers, jumpers, wobblers, ceiling hangers and colorful pop-up displays in every shape and size imaginable.
The chain ran a series of television and radio spots to introduce the campaign for its first three weeks, and then supported that run with four weeks of radio, regularly reinforced by broadcast advertising schedules, point-of-sale materials--including ceiling hangers, aprons for produce staff, and buttons for all front-line staff--and promotional information in Price Chopper's 1 million-print weekly advertising circular.
Retailers have been sent new point of sale material which includes stickers, ceiling hangers and posters.
Three hanger styles include ceiling hangers for quick assembly and disassembly, hex pipe hangers for added flexibility in temperature variations, and round hangers to resist movement and vibration.