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What does it mean when you dream about famous people?

The appearance of a specific famous person in our dreams—particularly a person we regularly think about—can simply be a reflection of our waking state. Otherwise, a famous person can represent a higher status to which we aspire, or, alternatively, a parental figure.

References in classic literature ?
And in the meantime Dick learned more about his acquaintance on all sides: heard of his yacht, his chaise and four, his brief season of celebrity amid a more confiding population, his daughter, of whom he loved to whimper in his cups, his sponging, parasitical, nameless way of life; and with each new detail something that was not merely interest nor yet altogether affection grew up in his mind towards this disreputable stepson of the arts.
Boxtel, as the reader may see, was not possessed of the spirit of Porus, who, on being conquered by Alexander, consoled himself with the celebrity of his conqueror.
Some years since, I happened to become acquainted with a person who has attained some celebrity as a preacher.
every night; a sixth, that that was positively the last appearance of Mr Vincent Crummles of Provincial Celebrity.
However, it is not becoming for an obscure teacher of languages to criticize a "heroic fugitive" of worldwide celebrity.
His chief celebrity rested upon the events of an excursion like this one of mine, which he had once made with a damsel named Maledisant, who was as handy with her tongue as was Sandy, though in a different way, for her tongue churned forth only rail- ings and insult, whereas Sandy's music was of a kindlier sort.
He had a noble new skeleton--the skeleton of the late and only local celebrity, Jimmy Finn, the village drunkard--a grisly piece of property which he had bought of Jimmy Finn himself, at auction, for fifty dollars, under great competition, when Jimmy lay very sick in the tan-yard a fortnight before his death.
My friend, since I killed Chatillon, adored of the ladies of Saint Germain, I am too great a celebrity not to fear a prison doubly.
The celebrity of the isle did not date from yesterday; its name, or rather its qualification, is traced back to the remotest antiquity.
Middle eastern travel connoisseurs will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the journey of Celebrity Cruises, and their expectations are being met with glorious plans on the high seas.
But as there are several attributes which are associated with the celebrity endorsement which are creating impact on consumer buying behavior this is difficult for the researchers to identify the effect of each and every attribute which is associated with the celebrity endorsement and can create impact on consumer buying behavior,
And if a dispute ensues, that same fame that attracted you to the celebrity in the first place could work against you.