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1. the main stem of a tree, usually thick and upright, covered with bark and having branches at some distance from the ground
2. Anatomy the body excluding the head, neck, and limbs; torso
3. the elongated prehensile nasal part of an elephant; proboscis
4. US and Canadian an enclosed compartment of a car for holding luggage, etc., usually at the rear
5. Anatomy the main stem of a nerve, blood vessel, etc.
6. Nautical a watertight boxlike cover within a vessel with its top above the waterline, such as one used to enclose a centreboard



the highly developed stem of ligneous plants, which is substantially thicker and taller than lateral branches. In trees with monopodial branching the trunk is the main axis that develops from the growing point of the sprout. In trees with sympodial branching the trunk is formed from successive secondary axes.

What does it mean when you dream about a trunk?

The trunk of a tree may represent one’s inner sense of well-being and personality. A thick bark over a large, hefty trunk denotes a strong, rugged, and durable person. A thin, narrow, bark-free tree trunk suggests a highly sensitive but wiry individual. If the trunk is the long nose of an elephant, the dreamer may have a strong “nose for the news” and a very good memory. Alternatively an elephant’s trunk may have a phallic and sexual meaning. Finally, a trunk in the sense of an old-fashioned storage case may reveal the old memories and secrets to which the dreamer is clinging.


The main mass of the human body, exclusive of the head, neck, and extremities; it is divided into thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.
The main stem of a tree.
A path over which information is transferred in a computer.
A telephone line connecting two central offices. Also known as trunk circuit.


A shared communications channel between two points. Coined by the telephone industry, a trunk typically refers to a high-bandwidth, fiber-optic line between switching centers (central offices). Telephone trunks handle thousands of simultaneous voice and data signals, whereas telephone "lines" are the wires from the central office to the customer.

The term migrated to the information networking industry and may refer to a high-speed or medium-speed channel for data packets.

SIP Trunks
With the advent of voice over IP (VoIP), a SIP trunk is assigned by a SIP provider to a customer, and a single trunk supports one or more telephone numbers (see SIP trunking). See central office.
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