diatomaceous earth

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diatomaceous earth:

see diatomdiatom
, unicellular organism of the kingdom Protista, characterized by a silica shell of often intricate and beautiful sculpturing. Most diatoms exist singly, although some join to form colonies.
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diatomaceous earth

[¦dī·ə·tə¦mā·shəs ′ərth]
A yellow, white, or light-gray, siliceous, porous deposit made of the opaline shells of diatoms; used as a filter aid, paint filler, adsorbent, abrasive, and thermal insulator. Also known as kieselguhr; tripolite.

diatomite, diatomaceous earth, kieselguhr

A white or light gray, chalky, natural siliceous material; obtained by mining deposits of fossil remains of small marine life; used as an extender in paints, as an aggregate in lightweight concrete, as a waterproofing material in portland cement, as a filter for water, and as an abrasive.
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Peso de residuos (R) = peso (crisol + celite + muestra) - peso (crisol + celite) (4)
In our patient 600 U/kg of heparin was required for a celite ACT of 660 seconds.
Pre-KPB olcumleri icin genelde sadece Kaolin veya Celite ile active TEG olcumu yapilir.
8 (Hercules/Aqualon) Celite Super Floss (Celite) 7.
Prior to the assay, samples were extracted by ethyl ether and chromatographed on a Celite column.
This time, an increase of the absolute number of fines in Celite 560 was evident as a function of the blending time.
The mixture was squeezed through a nylon gauze to remove the shrunken ring tissue, and then the turbid liquid obtained was filtered on a Buchner funnel using some Celite.
Imerys is investing and innovating for the future with revolutionary products like Celite Cynergy, which is redefining beer filtration.
After that the mixture was filtered through celite to remove the manganese dioxide and washed with dichloromethane.
For each zucchini plant, 10 l of cell sap was rubbed onto the 1st true leaf which was pre- dusted with celite.
Uma aliquota de 10mL dos pigmentos extraidos foi aplicada em uma coluna de vidro (1,5 x 21cm), empacotada com celite e oxido de magnesio na proporcao de 2:1 ate a altura aproximada de 15cm, tendo no topo aproximadamente 1cm de sulfato de sodio anidro.
Feces (including urine) were collected at 21 days and used to analyse celite and polyphenol content.