cell division

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cell division:

see cellcell,
in biology, the unit of structure and function of which all plants and animals are composed. The cell is the smallest unit in the living organism that is capable of integrating the essential life processes. There are many unicellular organisms, e.g.
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; mitosismitosis
, process of nuclear division in a living cell by which the carriers of hereditary information, or the chromosomes, are exactly replicated and the two copies distributed to identical daughter nuclei.
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; meiosismeiosis
, process of nuclear division in a living cell by which the number of chromosomes is reduced to half the original number. Meiosis occurs only in the process of gametogenesis, i.e., when the gametes, or sex cells (ovum and sperm), are being formed.
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cell division

[′sel di′vizh·ən]
(cell and molecular biology)
The process by which living cells multiply; may be mitotic or amitotic.
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Software engineering mechanisms and systems like mobile elements and enzyme systems, and cell divisions, as already discussed, would have come into operation to perform a wide range of tasks like cutting and splicing of chromosomal sectors, shuffling of the sectors, replication, deletion and copying of the sectors with remarkably high fidelity to ultimately accomplish the mission.
The embryo was prominent and the nucellar tissue was no longer present in control kernels indicating normal progression toward completion of the endosperm cell division stage.
Flemming summarized his observations in Cell Substance, Nucleus, and Cell Division, which was published in 1882.
The study focused on a cluster of proteins called the minichromosomal maintenance (MCM) complex, known to be a crucial factor in cell division. A cell prepares for the division process in part by loading MCM complexes onto its chromosomes.
My current research focuses on genes that are molecular switches for cell division and I am trying to understand how cell division controls growth and development in plants.
Chk1 inhibitors, which promote abnormal cell division -- and likely cell death -- to occur before DNA replication/repair is complete, already are being tested on patients.
In simple terms, the laser works on a cellular level, it stimulates an increase in energy within the cells inside the dermal matrix of the follicle and increases cell division. This results in an increased production of keratinised cells which ultimately produces a thicker and stronger hair.
A team led by Dr Gary Gorbsky at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) was able to interrupt and reverse cell division by manipulating a key protein.
A team of biologists at Edinburgh University found the different processes of cell division depend upon the action of a type of protein that has the ability to split other proteins.
To produce fertile offspring, scientists think chromosomes (cell structures that house all the genes) from both a mother and father may need to pair off evenly during meiosis, a process of cell division that produces sex cells.
"Drug-induced arrest of cell division has long been considered only a stop-gap measure, because it was presumed the cells would eventually repair their damage and go on to divide again after treatment," explains Igor Roninson, professor of molecular genetics.
(symbol OTCBB: WSLR) has signed an agreement to acquire the fuel cell division of Anuvu Incorporated including the rights to the Carbon-X fuel cell, an innovative Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell specially designed for mass production.

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