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(organic chemistry)
C12H22O11 A disaccharide which does not occur freely in nature or as a glucoside; a unit of cellulose and lichenin; crystallizes as minute water-soluble crystals from alcohol. Also known as cellose.



a carbohydrate of the disaccharide class. Composed of two glucose radicals that are joined by a β-glucoside bond, cellobiose is the basic structural unit of cellulose. It is a white crystalline substance that is readily soluble in water. Cellobiose is characterized by reactions of the aldehyde (semiacetal) group and of the hydroxyl groups. In acid hydrolysis or when catalyzed by the enzyme β-glucosidase, it splits to form two molecules of glucose. Cellobiose is obtained by the partial hydrolysis of cellulose. It is found in free form in the sap of certain trees.

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The key is the strain's ability to ferment cellobiose and galactose simultaneously, which makes the process much more efficient," he said.
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