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see glycolglycol
, dihydric alcohol in which the two hydroxyl groups are bonded to different carbon atoms; the general formula for a glycol is (CH2)n(OH)2.
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any of the monoethers of ethylene glycol having the general formula ROCH2CH2OH, where R represents a hydrocarbon radical.

The simplest cellosolves are colorless liquids that have a weak odor and are readily miscible with water and organic solvents. The boiling point of methyl cellosolve (R = CH3) is 124.6°C; that of ethyl cellosolve (R = C2H5) is 135.1°C; and that of butyl cello-solve (R = C4H9) is 171.1°C. Like alcohols, cellosolves form a number of derivatives, including alcoholates (such as CH3OCH2CH2ONa) and esters (such as ethyl cellosolve acetate, C2H5OCH2CH2OCOCH3, which has a boiling point of 156.4°C).

Cellosolves are produced by the reaction of ethylene oxide with the corresponding alcohols. They are used as solvents of esters of cellulose (mainly cellulose nitrates and acetyl cellulose) in the manufacture of movie and photographic film, paint, varnish, and lacquers. The cellosolves of some higher alcohols (from C10 to C20) are used in the production of surfactants.

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(organic chemistry)
C2H5OCH2CH2OH An important industrial chemical used in varnish removers, in cleaning solutions, and as a solvent for paints, varnishes, and plastics. Also known as 2-ethoxyethanol.
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But they may contain other harmful chemicals, including Butyl Cellosolve and methanol (methyl alcohol), which can cause blindness or death if accidentally ingested.
Ethyl cellosolve and formamide are also used in the cotton swab applicator test, where the solution is spread on the substrate using a cotton applicator.
(%) 1 % LAS 3% EOBO 74.5 17.5 1 % LAS 73.4 7.1 3% SatinFX [TM] 0.5% LAS 1.5% EOBO 60.2 5.3 VM&P Naphtha 39.7 13.8 2.5% Hexyl CARBITOL [TM] 33.2 6.2 2.5% DOWANOL [TM] DPnB 1 % LAS 2.5% Butyl CELLOSOLVE [TM] 19.5 4.5 2.5% DOWANOL DPnB 1 % LAS VM&P Naphtha-Based Cleaning Systems Additives and Proportion Tukey-Kramer Class 1 % LAS 3% EOBO A 1 % LAS A B 3% SatinFX [TM] 0.5% LAS 1.5% EOBO A B C VM&P Naphtha C D 2.5% Hexyl CARBITOL [TM] C D 2.5% DOWANOL [TM] DPnB 1 % LAS 2.5% Butyl CELLOSOLVE [TM] D 2.5% DOWANOL DPnB 1 % LAS Water-in-Oil Microemulsions
Epoxy resin (epoxy equivalent 500) of 30% volume solids was prepared by refluxing 30 g of 6071 resin with 70 cc of solvent mixture of xylene, methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), and butyl cellosolve. The paint was prepared in a lab attritor.
Dry material was restored with aqueous 4:1 butil cellosolve. Pinnae were cleared with aqueous 6% NaOH, then coloured with aqueous 1 % TBO (Gurr 1966).
Other methods to test surface energy of the substrate range from a tape pick-off test to a chemical test involving the application of formamide and ethyl cellosolve, used to determine dyne level.
But, he says, "There is a carcinogenic substance named butyl cellosolve that is highly biodegradable and very toxic." To complicate things further, natural products also decay back into the environment at varying rates.
The most toxic ingredients in these solutions are petroleum solvents and butyl cellosolve, which both pose serious health threats.
Products: Butyl Cellosolve[TM] solvent (EB), Butyl Carbitol[TM] solvent (DB), Butyl Cellosolve acetate (EB acetate), Butyl Carbitol acetate (DB acetate), Dowanol PM, Dowanol PM elec grade, Dowanol DPM, Dowanol TPM, Dowanol PMA, Dowanol PMA elec grade, Dowanol DPMA, Diwfroth[TM]
Products: E-Series glycol ethers products, including: Butyl Cellosolve[TM] solvent (EB), Butyl Carbitol[TM] solvent (DB), Butyl Cellosolve acetate (EB acetate), Butyl Carbitol (DB acetate), Butoxytriglycol (BTG), Solvent GP, Butoxypolyglycol Basic, Carbitol solvent (DE), Ethoxytriglycol (ETG), Ethoxypolyglycol (EPG), Methyl Carbitol (DM), Methyl Carbitol fuel additive grade, Methyoxytriglycol (MTG), DALPAD[R] A, DOWANOL[R] EPH, DOWANOL EPH low phenol, Hexyl Cellosolve, Hexyl Carbitol, and Propyl Cellosolve solvent (EP)