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1. of, relating to, resembling, or composed of a cell or cells
2. having cells or small cavities; porous
3. Textiles woven with an open texture
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Characterized by, consisting of, or pertaining to cells.
Pertaining to igneous rock having a porous texture, usually with the cavities larger than pore size and smaller than caverns.
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(language, cellular automaton)
A system for cellular automaton programming by J Dana Eckart <dana@faculty.cs.runet.edu>. Cellular includes a byte-code compiler, run-time system, and a viewer.

Latest version: 2.0, as of 1993-04-03.

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See also Cellang.
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cellular system

A cellphone network. Often spanning an entire country, a cellular system comprises a core network that connects to base stations with antennas on towers that span up to 20 miles in diameter. GSM and CDMA are the two major cellular technologies. See cellphone, cellular generations, GSM, CDMA and microcell.
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The analyses that follow used measures of people's beliefs regarding (a) the use of cellular phones while driving, (b) the accident potential of a set of operator actions involving the use of a cellular phone, and (c) the acceptability of new laws.
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