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1. of, relating to, resembling, or composed of a cell or cells
2. having cells or small cavities; porous
3. Textiles woven with an open texture
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Characterized by, consisting of, or pertaining to cells.
Pertaining to igneous rock having a porous texture, usually with the cavities larger than pore size and smaller than caverns.
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(language, cellular automaton)
A system for cellular automaton programming by J Dana Eckart <dana@faculty.cs.runet.edu>. Cellular includes a byte-code compiler, run-time system, and a viewer.

Latest version: 2.0, as of 1993-04-03.

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See also Cellang.
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cellular system

A cellphone network. Often spanning an entire country, a cellular system comprises a core network that connects to base stations with antennas on towers that span up to 20 miles in diameter. GSM and CDMA are the two major cellular technologies. See cellphone, cellular generations, GSM, CDMA and microcell.
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In CNB, the lesion most frequently misdiagnosed as PT is cellular fibroadenoma due to its increased stromal cellularity. Cellular fibroadenoma is usually seen in young women and surgical excision is recommended because of the larger size (10).
However, cell blocks often suffer from low cellularity (26,27) and may be inadequate for molecular testing, necessitating repeat biopsy procedures to obtain additional tissue.
Effect of high-selenium wheat on visceral organ mass, and intestinal cellularity and vascularity in finishing beef steers.
Chimerism studies at day +30 after transplantation indicated 25% donor lymphoid cell engraftment on peripheral blood, and bone marrow (BM) biopsy showed a cellularity of 5%.
Major criteria for the diagnosis of PTC on FNAC are high cellularity, papillary formations, cells with enlarged nuclei showing anisonucleosis and powdery chromatin, and definite nucleoli.
Bone marrow biopsy showed diffuse infiltration of blast cells with cellularity around 80-85% and haematopoietic suppression.
Right: There is a gradient of cellularity, with a more mature spindled cell population at the outer edge.
Low malignant-potential tumors of the ovary--otherwise known as borderline tumors--include ovarian tumors with atypical cellularity, which lack stromal invasion that differentiates them from low-grade and high-grade invasive carcinomas.
There is variability in pigmentation and cellularity of the melanocytes, and there is no junctional component.
Smears from gynaecomastia revealed variable amount of cellular material, ranging from moderate cellularity to extreme hyper cellularity with large number of crowded tissue fragments.
He was born to uneventfull pregnancy at term.His motor milestones were proper with his age.His parents were consanguineous.On physical examination, he had microcephaly, mild dysmorphic features like hypertelorism, retrognatia and antevert ears, unilateral bifid thumb, cryptorchidism and hypopigmented macule.He had additionally ectopic right kidney and secundum ASD.On complete blood count there were mild anemia, thrombocytopenia and neutropenia.HbF and AFP was elevated.Normal cellularity and morphology was shown on bone marrow examination.Chromosomal instability test with MMC was performed and found as positive.

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