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concrete mixer, cement mixer

A machine that mixes concrete ingredients by means of paddles or a rotating drum. Raw materials usually are introduced into the mixing drum through its open end and discharged by tilting the mixing drum to allow the concrete to pour out.
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We had the idea of producing a cement mixer that can be disassembled after observing the operative needs of our dealers," said Paolo Sella, owner of the Venetian company.
Bou Daher said the owners of cement mixers should provide the name of the individual who demands cement and other construction materials from them, along with the quantity of these materials.
TWO 18-tonne cement mixer wagons have vanished overnight from a Bradley Mills site.
At the moment, some 400 cement mixer trucks are used by the Construction Ministry, though they'll gradually be replaced by domestically produced trucks using technology by foreign companies involved in joint ventures.
The department has, however, found some truck and cement mixers violating the municipal regulations.
The acquisition forms part of a bigger plan to provide the UK market with services and products from Altrad who specialise in the manufacturing and sales of scaffolding, cement mixers and wheelbarrows, together with providing additional services in the scaffolding sector.
IN the last few weeks I have had stolen from my garden and garden shed, a set of triple ladders, a brand new (not yet used) pounds 200 lawn mower and two cement mixers (we have builders working in the garden), plus three bags of sand.
Forklifts, cement mixers, inert with crumbling mortar and half bricks in their teeth, Fastened up houses, dark, sleepers strewn in tangled sheets, morning beckoning, Orange brick buildings in partial form, their innards hanging, metal prongs, arterial pipes and cables hanging limp, ducts, tubes, cavities, joists, Gardens where nothing will grow, bricks, old concrete, clay and shale, fit only for weeds, Curtains in new-now opening, yawns and stretching looking on to towers of bricks, breeze-block, and red dust,
Police said several cement mixers with the company name welded on the tow bar were stolen from the storage yard the night of Dec.
Hard hats, power saws and cement mixers have invaded New York's oldest surviving theater, as work commences on transforming it into New York City's first venue dedicated to year-round programming for young people.
According to Hoover's, SYK sells surgical products such as instruments for drills, saws, rasps, even cement mixers.
They also discovered two cement mixers used to churn the leaf, rosehip oil flavouring, food dye, glycerine and molasses.