cement stucco

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1. An exterior finish, composed of some combination of portland cement, lime, and sand, which are mixed with water, which dries to a very hard textured surface.
2. A synthetic exterior finish such as an exterior insulation and finishing system, containing materials other than stucco, 1, for example, containing an epoxy as a binder.
3. A fine plaster used for decorative work, moldings, or cornices.
4. A partially or fully calcined gypsum that has not yet been processed into a finished product.
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Cement stucco can create serious problems when applied to straw bale, cob or adobe homes.
Because cement stuccos are widely used in North America, finding an experienced plasterer is easier than for most other plaster wall finishes.
Despite their ease of application and availability, cement stuccos have the highest embodied energy of all plasters and stuccos, so they're not your most eco-friendly choice.
Cement stuccos also tend to crack, especially around doors and windows.
The cement stucco on the outside of the building is richly colored with ferric nitrate.