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Center Section


the central portion of an airplane wing or tail assembly, joins the right and left halves of the wing or tail assembly. The center section of a wing may be mounted above the fuselage on struts and bracing wires (as in the An-2 biplane), may be fastened to the top of the fuselage (as in the An-10 and An-24 monoplanes), or may be attached to either the middle portion of the fuselage (as in the MiG-15 and the Iak-42) or the lower portion of the fuselage (as in the Tu-154).

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center section

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Center section of an aircraft fuselage.
The portion of fuselage or hull forming a continuous structure with the wings or the central structure of an airplane to which main planes are attached. In the case of wings, it is the central panel or section. In a wing having no clearly defined center section, the limits of the center section may be arbitrarily defined by the points of attachment of the wing to the fuselage, the strut, or the like.
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