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centering: two types
A temporary structure upon which the materials of a vault or arch are supported in position until the work becomes self-supporting.
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Each struck upon the bull's-eye, and one even nearer the center than his rival's mark.
Twas the best shooting he had yet done, but there was still the smallest of spaces left--if you looked closely--at the very center.
He never lowered his bow arm in all the shooting, but fitted each shaft with his longbow raised; yet all three of his arrows smote the center within easy distance of the black.
So he shot even while he talked, yet the shaft lodged not more than half an inch from the very center.
Again he shot, and again he smote his arrow close beside the center; a third time he loosed his bowstring and dropped his arrow just betwixt the other two and into the very center, so that the feathers of all three were ruffled together, seeming from a distance to be one thick shaft.
So Gilbert took his place once more, but this time he failed, for, a sudden little wind arising, his shaft missed the center ring, but by not more than the breadth of a barley straw.
Thy eggs are cracked, Gilbert," quoth Robin, laughing; and straightway he loosed a shaft, and once more smote the white circle of the center.
Teachers and parents swear by the child-parent center program, and researchers have documented that the centers' preschool students fare better as young adults than children who do not attend.
These centers are designed to build infrastructure in the fields of environmental health sciences and environmental medicine.
Survey respondents emphasized that writing centers need more interdisciplinary staff and increased access to faculty across the disciplines, and should train tutors in writing across the disciplines and in tutoring graduate students.
A nationwide ``arms race'' by cities and counties to pump money into convention center projects has bled local budgets without bringing more visitors and conventions to the shiny new facilities, said Heywood Sanders, a University of Texas at San Antonio professor who has studied dozens of convention centers nationwide.
Often tucked away on the outskirts of campus in tatter cramped, nondescript buildings, alumni centers have typically taken a backseat to other campus facility needs.

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