central heating

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central heating

a system for heating the rooms of a building by means of radiators or air vents connected by pipes or ducts to a central source of heat

Central heating

A system where heat is supplied to all areas of a building from a central plant through a network of ducts or pipes.

Central Heating


a heating system in which the heat is transported from a heat source located either inside or outside the building served (a boiler installation or a district heat and power plant) to the rooms of the building through pipelines or air ducts. Heated water, air, or steam may be used as the heat carrier.

central heating

[′sen·trəl ′hēd·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
The use of a single steam or hot-water heating plant to serve a group of buildings, facilities, or even a complete community through a system of distribution pipes.
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How can council tenants be expected to pay rent when their landlord won't provide a central heating system?
Philip is able to offer his customers superb central heating systems with nationally accredited efficient and reliable boilers.
With the weather conditions like we've seen this winter, working central heating is more vital than ever.
Examples can be seen on stand, showing the impressive cost and environmental savings that can be made by those who install a biomass central heating system.
The scheme was set up in 2001 to give free central heating to people over 60.
But sludge build up, from limescale and corrosion deposits, can be easily avoided by ensuring the central heating system is properly cleaned and maintained using the correct chemical treatments.
As the cold weather draws in, those of us who suffer with eczema will be dreading the drying effects of central heating that can make symptoms so much worse.
Our local council here in Colwyn Bay have been taking money off tenants for the fitting of central heating for many years, with some tenants still waiting -the excuse being lack of cash.
And while you take care of your mum by winning her a grand - let British Gas take care of her central heating.
Worcester marketing consultancy Market Link has been selected to spearhead the Central Heating Information Council's publicity campaign about Government changes to the UK's Building Regulations.

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