end office switch

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end office switch

A telephone central office switch that connects directly to the customer. Also called a "Class 5 switch" or "TDM switch," an end office switch is a computer specialized for TDM-based, circuit-switched telephone calls. It handles services such as call forwarding and call waiting. Such switches are typically from Lucent and Nortel Networks (see ESS and DMS).

Most of the call recording and billing is also performed in Class 5 end office switches, whereas in the past, it was handled in Class 4 tandem switches. Local telephone companies use both end office and tandem switches, which may be the exact same hardware with services differentiated only by software. See tandem switch.

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Digital Central Office Switch Simulation/Bulk Call Generation
The deployment consisted of a central office switch homerun architecture with all the fibers terminated within the central office, along with the 1x32 splitters.
When remote subscribers become isolated from the primary central office switch the ESA system manages call control for the isolated network segment.
It is still the only central office switch to be accepted by the federal Rural Utilities Service (RUS) for VoIP, and with this latest INS certification, is also the only softswitch that can be deployed for VoIP in the INS network.
Later, they installed Louisiana's first digital central office switch offering touch-tone and special custom calling features.
These customers use GL Communications' Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) and related products to generate calls that stress networks, assist in Research and Development work, provide Quality of Service and Analysis, as well as support in the deployment of telephony equipment that incorporates Time Division Multiplexing.
The EWSD digital central office switch has led the industry in reliability performance for four consecutive years, incurring fewer total minutes of downtime per system than any other major switch in the United States, according to the BPI-Telcodata CO Reliability Report.

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